Infinite Flight Confessions

Same here 😵‍💫

I Am actually the worst when it comes to that 😂

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Was flying the F16 yesterday, accidentally pulled up too hard on final and went into a stall immediately. Crashed in front of 5 people


Flying the 777F on final to Honolulu and when turning the AP off forgot to calibrate and aircraft went crazy ended up landing short of the numbers lol(and super hard ) airport was busy that time ._.


I landed inverted at an IFATC event airport once. Nailed it.

Left before anyone realized it’s me.

Forgot to turn on vnav, cruised over Toulouse (destination) at 32,000 feet, whoops!

Also landing a 747 at jersey (dont ask) i went into a graveyard stall when about to land, my flaps were too high and power was ‘too much’ (despite me being at 130kts)

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Me on my TOD with my flaps still at 5°

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lmaoo, the sad thing is that it happened irl and the plane crashed :(

i’ve made a lot of mistakes: i’ve forgot the landing gear 3 times during landing, 2 during take off, i active the nav and let the flight alone, i forgot active the A/P and i put the phone in the table, the plane just sinked a lot, i never have made a good flight to paro, i stalled the a350 at FL41, in cruising, i forgot disconnect the autopilot and the plane crashed, i forgot about the rudder during take off and i just overrun to the left of the runway, i havent made a stable approach with the Q400, I HATE THAT PLANE, i try to land the caravan on the shortest runway in expert server and crashed, i forgot reduce the cruising speed, etc, etc, etc…

i think, i’ve made so many mistakes, that i can actually make a guide for dont make it.


Landong gear seems interesting.

yea, i just noticed

That happened today in real life! Pretend it was a runway inspection and you will eventually forget about it.


I don’t get that :) Can you explain?

Recently I forgot to request pushback and just started going
Thankfully I noticed and restarted just in time


I have a similar one. Except for me, I forgot to disconnect the pushback truck before engaging the engines.

I couldn’t figure out why the plane wasn’t moving forward, and it took me like 20-30 minutes to figure it out.

I greased the B717…


My confession is that I don’t even like Infinite Flight

Jk of course I do




Welcome to the club!

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