Infinite Flight Compatibility

I have an Ipad Air 2 and a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini(2016).I know infinite flight works on my ipad as i have tried it.Can anyone tell me wether infinite flight will run smoothly on the j1 mini.Thank you.

Check this out and see if the j1 mini is there

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Hmmm, the J1 mini is a low power device and 2016 is very old for a samsung phone (they age pretty quickly) so I don’t think it’ll run that great…

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Click on check here and enter the info.

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0 (Check here.)

Note: Due to large variety of Android devices there is not a specific list of supported devices. Customers with devices that are not supported at this time will receive a message on the Google PlayStore when attempting to download the latest update for Infinite Flight to advise that the device in use is not supported.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

That’s better suited in a PM please @Dylan_M

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Sure thing levet u are a moderator so I should prob listen to u

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The Galaxy J1 Mini does not support OpenGL ES 3.0. You won’t be able to use the Global update on this device.

It only has 750MB of RAM and a 4x1.2GHz CPU.

Do you want to know if it can run the old IF version smoothly or has your question been answered now?

Hello…Thank you all for replying.

Starley…yes i would like to know if i can run the old infinite flight.

Thank you all for your support.

I wouldn’t recommend buying IF (again) on Android/Google Play if you are planning to play on the Galaxy J1 mini only. Its performance is not the best, even on the old IF version.

However, if you are planning to buy a new, better Android device, then you can give it a try as you have nothing to lose. :)

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