Infinite Flight Community

Hey guys, now it may just be me. I’m not here to start arguments, let’s set this straight from the outset. Since joining this forum everything I post seems to get an outburst of complaints about being a duplicate, should be posted in here and not there etc etc. Can’t we just embrace the forum and community. Yes it may be a duplicate and I haven’t looked enough into where I should post? But we are all here to share this amazing simulator. Stop the negativity and just connect as the forum is set up to do. We are all here to share infinite flight as a ‘Community!’ Again this is not an argument so I’m not looking for responses. Thank you


I guess the simplest thing is ‘search before you post’ :)




It takes a while to get use to. I guess you can say we like to limit redundancies as much a possible. Imagine trying to look up a topic with 50 threads about the same thing. It would be hectic!


As Damian said, having 50 topics on the same thing would be difficult to keep track of. If we keep a single topic for each subject, it’s much easier to have a meaningful conversation. :)