Infinite Flight Community Websites

For example:,,

Feel free to share your ideas :)

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Infinite flight news?

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I thought the devs were making a newer website.

What about

(Two can play at that game @BavariaAVIATION)

2 Likes three’s a crowd? @B767fan @BavariaAVIATION :D


Infinite Flight Journal. The Newsletter for Infinite Flight

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Why not?


This is really Infinite Flight community links. Even though these are all unofficial and not accosted to Infinite Flight, it’s more of a service that provides entertainment and help with your Infinite Flight experience, where as Virtual Airlines use the Infinite Flight Experience to make their experience. Lets not forget the IFATC YouTube page though

My Aviation Website

Alright guys, we all know [this] ( website is the best one.

Also, don’t click on [this] (

MaxSez: if it’s not IF or IF sponsored it a Parasitic Growth basking in IF’s glow!


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