Infinite flight community #screenshots and videos tutorial

Recently there has been a lot of errors and confusion with the people while posting their photos or videos in the category. This post will clarify some of you doubts and rest can be asked in the thread.


For the basic rules of posting in the #screenshots-and-videos refer below:

The rules mentioned in the above thread are clear enough for a person to understand. However, many people post the photos with extreme editing of the photographs which leads to change of background or addition of elements which are not currently present in Infinite Flight. These is clearly referred to as abuse of the category. Please make sure to follow the rules mentioned above before posting the photos.

For tutorial on minimal editing you can refer here.


  1. Post a series of screenshots that have a story line. This would build interest among the viewers. Caption each image to build a story. A single liner caption would be good enough. Longer caption lines make the post boring.

  2. Try different shots. Majority of the posts are of sunset, sunrise or so on. Trying some new shots will increase the interest in viewers. For example: Clicking a picture of you plane banking over some beautiful landscape.

  3. Click the screenshot in highest resolution. Go to settings in Infinite Flight app and set the screenshot resolution to highest (4x).
    Before clicking the screenshot, set your graphic settings to highest. The same can be applied while making a timelapse video.

  4. Don’t promote any other topic in your thread. Keep the thread related to topic. Promoting some other topic is somewhat unprofessional. This leads the topic to go off topic by the end of the thread.

  5. Prefer using free cam for some perfect and beautiful shots. Free cam tutorial can be found here:

How To Use The Drone (Free) Cam

Hope these helped you.
Cheers !


this really helps thanks!


Thanks mate ! Glad you liked it

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How do I upload the photos to my thread?

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Is there like any tutorial video or something that u know about

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Not that I know about

Hey @Vishark107,

  1. Click in the button circled below

  2. Click on choose file

  3. Click on Uplaod when file is attached

Hope this helped you :)

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Oohh ok thanks manπŸ‘πŸ‘

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Thanks buddyπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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