Infinite Flight Community Sabbatical

Hello Infinite Flight Community,

With the rise of some tensions in the IFC over the upcoming v20.1 update, I have decided to take a sabbatical from the community for about 2-3 weeks. There is some tension in the community over when the devs are gonna release this update and how much we should wait as a customer. My comments are clearly not helping further this conversation, and for those reasons, I must leave for a while.

I recommend we all take some time off as well to really recollect our thoughts and come back with a fresh, open mind. This is not something I say should be required, but if you feel the need to step away for a while, I would recommend it.

I hope that in this short yet effective timeframe, we can all take some time to cool off and resolve these differences, and hopefully, by then, v20.1 will also come and ease this unrest up.

Before I finish, I just want to thank the developers, moderators, and regulars for their contribution to the keeping this community running. Although my comments may have complicated this job in the past, I still want to make my gratitude and appreciation for the devs and really everybody who keeps the community up, clear.

I will still be visiting the community, however, my commenting will be limited to almost none, and most likely will not return until v20.1 comes out.

Although many do not know me or haven’t even seen me in the community, I want to thank you all for your support and understanding in this.

Thank you, and will talk to all later 🙂✌🏽


I agree - I’ve told numerous people on IF’s instagram posts who are just ranting about the update not coming out yet etc…just to go and take a break to chill out.

I will however be remaining on the forum helping people out with the day to day workings of Infinite Flight, while also trying to keep my sanity :)


Interesting idea, but you might miss some sneak peaks while you’re gone.

Other solution ignore it and just enjoy all the other good stuff here. 😊

But glad your self aware enough to tell your not helping, there’s a few people who could use that… 😶

(Which is not to say that your hurting, you’ve actually been quite imo good from what I’ve seen)


Looking at Infinite Flight’s Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is always an option ;)

Don’t forget the development timeline as well. You don’t need to be in the IFC fort that


Hope you have a nice break and come back fully refreshed! Though I personally haven’t noticed any tensions in the community. The only ones complaing are just some impatient people with nothing to do at home.


I wouldn’t go there - its full of people ranting about:

“When’s the update going to be out”
“This update is taking too long - you guys suck”


Yeah its very dangerous there

I wasn’t recommending reading the comments. I was saying use it as a source for images and the description :)

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Yeah that’s fine - just go no where near the comments section - its gotten ugly in there already…

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Of course. It’s absolutely horrifying and I feel horrible for all the staff at IF :(

Anyway, without getting off topic, @Aniket_Joglekar you have my utmost respect for making such a decision :)

They must be really suffering :((

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Hi Can you please explain this to me. Just reached to Trust Level 2 will I get 10 and 20 votes now if that’s the case will my votes be replenished

People need to understand that this is a huge update…


kinda trying to figure out why some people would get so worked up about a game. guys lets remember its a game and we use it to have some fun and express our hobbies. i applaud anyone that relies that they may have gotten a little to involved and as such takes a break to remember why we play.

Its a real shame when people do this, 20.1 is not everything, instead of worrying or being toxic play a board game with your family or go on a walk, the devs are hard at work and will be delivering the update ASAP, you think they don’t want all those subscriptions being renewed as soon as 20.1 is out! They do! They just want to come back with a bang especially as IF’s competitor is working its way up!
Happy Flying + Stay Safe :D

Go ahead and have a nice break! It’s definitely true that the community does get a little hectic when there’s a big update coming.

if people saw 2012 Infinite flight they might not be upset… I am excited. they take the time to make sure it is good.

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I have my clue why people are getting so worked up over the update. Nothing you can do to make it drop faster. In fact complaining about so much probably makes it worse. But what do I know.

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Well deserved and needed breaks from time to time are always a good thing. See you when you return!