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TODAY’S EVENTS - Friday, 25 May 2018

The Poker Run - Hosted by the GAF @ KCLM - 250300ZMAY18

Friday Night Flight - Dulles Diversion @ KIAD - 251730ZMAY18

Lol, thank you. It’s a wiki so it always helps when other regulars and up, pitch in and edit it!

I’ve cancelled my even actually…

Poker run finished last night, 4 out of the 10 people joined =)

That annoys me. A bunch of people sign up and don’t show. I understand when they come and say “hey sorry I can’t make it, I have X Y and Z going on.” But when they just don’t show up period tho…

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TODAY’S EVENTS Saturday, 26 May 2018

Plane & Pilot: Colorado River Race @ KASE - 261600ZMAY18

Difficult Approaches #8: Gibraltar @ LXGB - 261600ZMAY18

Air France-KLM presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 18: Melbourne I @ YPPH - 261700ZMAY18

Star Virtual Alliance | The Way The World Connects | Vol. 1 @ CYYZ - 261800ZMAY18

Regional Hops @ KTPA - 261900ZMAY18

Breathe Life into KSTL @ KSTL - 262000ZMAY18

CRJ700 Mach Loop @ EGNH/EGNO - 262000ZMAY18

Frontier Virtual CRJ Inaugural @ KABQ - 262000ZMAY18

Cunning CRJ - Saturday Night Patterns @ KCVG - 262100ZMAY18

Lion Air Presents// Indonesia’s Toughest Approach @ WAFF - 262200ZMAY18


The CRJ700 Mach Loop Event was Cancelled FYI.

TODAY’S EVENTS - Sunday, 27 May 2018

AirSmallVirtual | Summer Regionals @ KMSN - 271100ZMAY18

Lazy Sunday Flights Vol. 1 @ KSTL - 271500ZMAY18

Effective 1 June 2018, I will not be posting the ‘TODAY’S EVENTS’ post, but of course, I will be continuing to update the calendar. I take great enjoyment in updating the calendar and making the #live:events section more followable. Have a nice day, if you have any questions feel free to PM me. 🙂


I can see why he isnt posting the daily events now. It’s probably very tedious.

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I may go away and won’t be near my phone so I didn’t want the posts to become inconsistent. 🙂

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May 2018

1* 2* 3* 4** 5*****
6**** 7 8 9* 10* 11** 12************
13*** 14* 15 16* 17 18 19****
20* 21 22 23 24* 25*** 26**********
27*** 28* 29 30 31
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Wow that’s a lot of events on the 12th 😂

I ran out of asterisks… 🤷‍♂️


Glad to see I had a wide range of events to choose from on my birthday (May 26th)😂

Comments should be disabled for the thread apart from any offical people announcing today’s events. It just gets too cluttered


How is this possible? June 13th is on a Wednesday, unless I’m missing something. I want to be accurate in my planning so can u clarify please?


My apologies, I’ll fix that. I’m not the only one who edits this, keep in mind. 🙂

Yes sir, it’s all good. I’m really getting into this community. I appreciate u all.

I will find you if you make a mistake, mysterious person who made a typo. 👀