Infinite Flight Community Rewind - Q3 2020

IFC Rewind: Q3 2020

The Quarterly Review of the Infinite Flight Community

Welcome to the first-ever Infinite Flight Community Rewind! The Infinite Flight Community is a platform where we can all share a common passion for Infinite Flight and aviation. Every day new users are joining, dozens of topics are created and hundreds of comments are written. We want to highlight the best topics of the past months, appreciate user achievements and show how our community has developed.


How do you decide what you'll be sharing?

We use our internal IFC statistics which help us to find the most engaging topics and users as well as topics which we feel deserve extra recognition.

When will these topics be published?

Every 3 months at the end of March, June, September and December!

How can my topic be added to the rewind?

You can’t submit your topic to be added. The moderation and staff team makes those decisions based on what we think has gone above and beyond with a contribution to the IFC community!

Words from the Moderation and Staff Team

Our Infinite Flight forum is the core of our global community and fanbase. Each day we see many topics, comments, and cool ideas coming from users on this forum, and we always keep an eye out for our favourite content. As we head into the final months of 2020, we are full steam ahead with development. The B77F and B77W are coming with 20.2, and behind the scenes, other development priorities are moving on nicely. All of us are looking forward to bringing you all this new content, and we hope you will enjoy it. We can’t wait to see all your amazing photo topics and interesting facts about the aircraft upon release!

Our Favorite Topics

Our Favorite Tutorials

Stories from the Community

Infinite Flight user CaptainSooraj completed his commercial checkride in June! Read more below:

Honorable Mentions

New Regulars
New IFATC Recruiters, Trainers and Supervisors







New IFVARB Members
New Moderators

Special congratulations to @RAH for becoming the newest Infinite Flight Staff Member.

Thank you, everyone, for being here with us. Which topics and community features do you think were the best of the last few months?

We’re already looking forward to our next rewind in December!


Mmm, I like these topics. Can’t wait for @system’s one though.


Didn’t expect that. Thanks for featuring my vid, may or may not have another one in the works.
It’s about the A-10


Whoaa thanks for the real-world feature!


Such a cool idea! Very glad to see some of my favourite topics of the quarter featured, including @Navy315‘s airport lights tutorial and @CaptainSooraj’s very cool story.

I also would have missed @Suhas‘ great topic, without it being featured here, which would have been a shame.

Thank you Misha for the topic and big thanks to everyone who is featured here, lots of amazing tutorials and #screenshots-and-videos topics!

Looking forward to the next quarter!


Congratulations to all the chosen ones.


Glad you liked the Metar tutorial @MishaCamp :)


Thanks for the mention Misha! Amazing to see all the diversity and dedication in this community. Well done everyone!

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Great job everyone … And specially @Raveesh;)


Wow! Great idea, cool things in there!

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Amazing to see all of these contributions in one place! It is definitely apparent how much the community is growing and evolving.

A big thanks to Misha, Staff, Moderators, and everyone else who continuously works to improve Infinite Flight. Can’t wait to see what the next quarter brings!


Nice job and a huge congratulations to everyone that contributed to any of these things, it’s been a fantastic quarter, so let’s see what we can bring to the table for the last stretch of the year!

Interesting results for Q3! Happy to make the top spot for favorite topics! The community is striving for better which is amazing to see :D

Cool!Great job

Awesome to see a rewind of Q3. Looks great!

Ooh, I can finally tell mom and dad I made it big! Thanks for the mention, Misha! I’m thrilled to see this recap of all the wonderful things the community has done and put together this quarter. Congrats, and great work to everyone! Looking forward to what Q4 brings.


Very nicely presented toppic with a bunch of great people featured! Thanks for putting this together, I look forward to seeing more of this.

Yay! I’m happy I made the new list of regulars!

Thank you so much!

No worries! Our team (the bosses too) watched that video and were genuinely impressed!