Infinite Flight Community Rewind 2020 - Q4

IFC Rewind 2020

The Quarterly Review of the Infinite Flight Community

Welcome to the second Infinite Flight Community Rewind! The Infinite Flight Community is a platform where we can all share a common passion for Infinite Flight and aviation. Every day new users are joining, dozens of topics are created and hundreds of comments are written. We want to highlight the best topics of the past months, appreciate user achievements, and show how our community has developed.


How do you decide what you'll be sharing?

We use our internal IFC statistics which help us to find the most engaging topics and users as well as topics that we feel deserve extra recognition.

When will these topics be published?

Every 4 months at the end of March, June, September and December!

How can my topic be added to the rewind?

You can’t submit your topic to be added. The moderation and staff team makes those decisions based on IFC statistics.

Words from the Moderation and Staff Team

Our Favorite Topics of 2020

Our Favorite Tutorials of 2020

Stories from the Community

Long-term Infinite Flight user and IFATC Supervisor @Bobby recently passed his checkride for his PPL. Read about his amazing journey here:

Honorable Mentions

New Regulars | Q4 2020


New IFATC Recruiters, Trainers and Supervisors | Q4 2020

New Supervisors

New Trainers

New IFVARB Members | Q4 2020


Thank you everyone for being here with us. We’re already looking forward to our next rewind: Q1 2021 in March!


Congratulations to everyone who has made this a truly memorable quarter and year for everyone! From the amazing updates from the developers to the fantastic moderation from the moderators, this year has certainly shaped things in a good way for years to come.


Second! Appreciate the feature.


This year has been great thank you IF Staff and Mods for making it an amazing community. Have an amazing break! ;)

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What a year it’s been for sure.

Congratulations to all those on the list of various things, see y’all in 2021 💀✌🏻


Fifth! This has been a great quarter in the IFC

What a year this has been!

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To all who made it up there - well done! You deserved it.

Happy holidays everyone!

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You all really did like my Yellow over Blue topic 🤩

Great job putting this together, next up for Q1 2021!


Amazing! Congrats everyone who got featured!

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Such an excellent read! Glad to be part of this community through another year and I’m looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us all!

Loving the banner too ;)


What a read! Well done to everyone who made it up there!

Glad to be part of this amazing community!

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Wow. This is amazing! Great year everyone!


Congratulations on everyone for getting featured. Hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us :)

You may have missed some new supervisors though @NJ24 @AdamS @Jet_Airways_995 congratulations!


This year as been a unique one for our corner of the internet - and certainly one we will not forget.

Heres to a good 2021!

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Honored to make it to the list, thanks to everybody who helped make the 20.2 fan-trailer!
Anyways, 2021 Q1 REWIND LET’S GOOO


We can all agree that the Infinite Flight and the IFC has brought good when this whole year has been filled with not so good things. Great job everyone who got mentioned above!

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Nicely done, Misha! It’s been a year that’ll never be forgotten, but the end is near. I’m beyond glad to be apart of this community. Here’s to a better year! 🥂


Thanks for the feature, Misha, and congratulations to everyone else who got featured on all your amazing accomplishments and contributions to the community! This year has definitely been an interesting one to say the least, and I’m looking forward to what 2021 has in store!


Thanks for including me!


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