Infinite Flight Community ranks

I’m a bit confused about the ranks of Infinite Flight Community I think I’m on TL1 and I’m wondering how and where I can check my rank and how I can progress to higher ranks, as well as wondering if you could shed a bit more light on what I can post in different categories in TL1.
Luke 😉

You can check out this topic here for Trust Levels!


Yes, you are currently TL1 (Basic).

There are 5 ranks you can be on in the IFC:

TL0 (New): You have just joined.

TL1 (Basic/Your Rank): It gives you the essential Discourse functionalities like PMing others.

TL2: (Member): This rank gives you all the regular IFC powers like creating feature requests, posts in real world aviation, etc. This is where the system would “trust” you as a member and give you full “citizenship.”

TL3 (Regular): This is granted to you if you have helped out a lot around the IFC and contribute to helping to make an IFC better. Be careful as you could lose this rank. This gives you a cool tag like @connor’s Regular tag and grants you permissions like editing wikis, editing topic names, accessing a lounge, etc.

TL4 (Leader): Only admins can grant you this. A moderator and staff developer have this trust level.

Read more about Trust Levels below.

The trust levels on IFC are a bit different from the ones listed in the link above, but they are pretty similar.


Ok thanks for letting me know! 😁

Well written @BigBert10

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