Infinite Flight Community Notifications Help

Hi I have a question

For Infinite Flight Community notifications is there a way to get notifications like a text message
are not I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that ?

Thank you

Hi you can download the IFC app at the play store or app store and you’ll get notification on your phone, you can also get it over email. Not exactly a message but it will pop up on your screen

There is no such thing as an “IFC app”. You would need to get the Discourse App and log into the IFC from there

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I got the app on my phone dude

What app exactly?

give me one sec and I’ll send it here

It’s called “Discourse Hub”

Ok thank you

They probably made the link online into an app onto the home screen. It’s not considered an “app” more like a quick link on your home screen. Discourse Hub is considered an app obviously and this shortcut to get to the IFC isn’t considered one.

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Ok let me see👍🏽

Like this?

Yes like that

So this should give me notifications on my device?

That is what @Asher said above. It will give the notifications you have now but not by text or anything. It’s just a shortcut to get to the IFC. You need Discourse Hub

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Ok I see thank you

No. You need “DiscourseHub” in order to receive notifications. Look it up on your respective App Store and it should be there.

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Ok let me see

is it this one

I’m not sure is this the one ?

Yes that’s the one