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Where do I go on this community forum to request for airport editing?

No where.

Airport Editors credo is not to take requests. If you request a Airport it will become more and more unlikely to be edited.

But you can join the editing team and edit airports your self:


There is no where were you can request it, but do you want to edit the airport yiurself

Well anyway, I think that airport 2J3 in Louisville, GA needs to be redone because it is all wrong! Take a look at these images and you let me know whether they need improvement
One of the pic is Infinite Flight and the other is Google Imagery

Screenshot_2018-12-27-13-11-56 Screenshot_2018-12-27-13-14-07

Oh, that airport is not been edited. You can join The Airport Editor Team above.

ill edit it for ya

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Thank you sooo much 😊😊 !!!

Please don’t request airports again in the future; most editors don’t take requests!