Infinite Flight Community Mix Vol. 2

This is just straight up amazing!

Listen to it right now very good! 13 🥵

Absolute fire. 🔥

Start to finish twice while working today. Thanks for the opportunity to take part. Already pumped for volume 3!


This mix is absolutely fantastic! Great work! Can’t wait for Vol. 3!

That’s awesome! So glad you like it and thanks for helping out with the project. Means a lot 🤘

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Well, I hope to see part 3!

I loved volume 1 when it released back in August 2017. I worked out to that mix a lot back then. Quite some time ago, I was pretty shocked to see that Volume 1 isn’t on SoundCloud anymore because that was one of my favorite mixes that I’ve listened to. Time passes by so quickly, and I’m not as active here like I used to. Today, I decided to take a quick visit to the community to see what the community is up to, and then I came across this.

I’m actually happy that you dropped Volume 2! The mix is actually pretty fire! Keep doing what you’re doing man :D

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Thanks man, welcome back to the community! Good timing I guess haha. I had to delete Volume 1 off Soundcloud because I ran out of upload space on my account, but now I’ve got unlimited upload time with premium. I moved Volume 1 over to a different streaming service, it’s linked above if you still want to listen.

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Yo, whoever put Luke Combs in there is a real MVP. That’s my 1# artist.

Absolutely love it mate, the transitions between the songs is so good. Job well done mate!

20.1 + IFC Mix vol.2 = will be amazing!

Great songs with nice transitions!!!

You can thank Marc for that one. He requested that specific song, but I probably would’ve put one in anyways since Luke Combs is my favorite country artist as well.

Wanted to thank everyone who’s tuned into the mix so far and given feedback on it! We managed to get over 200 plays in 2 days making it the fastest growing mix I’ve ever posted on SoundCloud. Thank you!

Also, I’m going to be putting up a download link to the mix once it reaches 500 plays, so keep blasting the mix during your flights and it’ll be reached in no time. Already halfway there!


Pretty sure 50 of them are me. Just had it on during a run again!


Absolute killer remix. I would like to book you for my wedding in about 10 years! 💜😍

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Amazing idea! I’ll certainly have to check this out.

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