Infinite Flight Community Mix Vol. 2


About 3 years ago I released the first ever Infinite Flight Community Mix where over the span of a few months I took song requests from the regulars in the Lounge and compiled it all together to make an hour long mix for the entire community to enjoy. The mix collected thousands of plays on SoundCloud and was very popular among the community. Today, I’m proud to present to you all the sequel, Volume 2 of the IFC Mixes.

This mix is night and day compared to the original IFC mix, with full 320kbps high quality audio, exclusive edits made by yours truly, and special guests throughout the mix. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as you did the first. Stay safe and hope this helps the quarantine (and flights) go by faster! See you in the skies!


Listen to the IFC Mixtape Vol. 1 here

Check out my SoundCloud here


This is amazing!

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Love it so much. Love the beginning!

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Some bangers here! Going to work out to it now


Amazing, love it

Infinite Flight community members Tik Tok accounts will be busy with this new mix. 🔊 🏋️‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 💃 ✈️


AMAZING work! Thanks Chris 🔥


Incredible, nice work! Was wondering, is there anyway of releasing it on Spotify?

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I honestly think it’s missing one thing, I Want It That Way. It’s a incredible mix though, thanks so much!

The fact that you put a Country song in there makes this thing absolutely amazing. 🇺🇸😍🔥


These are amazing! Incredible work!

Had to do it to 'em haha. Noting says country like Luke Combs!


Unfortunately I won’t be able to publish it to Spotify :(


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It’s all about the Ashnikko tune though damn


Respect for not putting Alan Walker Faded. Good song but heard it way to many times 😂

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10/10. This was great timing considering that I have gotten bored of my 300 song spotify playlist that I have listened to 5 times (fully) over the past week.

This has a serious lack of Rawstyle of Uptempo Hardcore.

Jokes aside, as someone who is DJing and Producing, this is way better than what I expected from something posted on a Flight Simulator Forum.
That is some genuinely clean mixing right there, nice transitioning between very diverse types of music and some of your ID edits are really well done also.

It was very enjoyable to listen to, even though it’s generally not really my taste in music.
Keep it up, dropped you a follow on SC.

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Lol maybe next year I’ll throw in one of your tracks. Would be cool to have one of the member’s songs in the mix. Thanks for the follow and kind words, glad you like it!

I was seriously considering throwing this one in here. I cooked up an edit with it that you can actually hear in my edit pack on my SoundCloud if you’d like. Maybe next year I’ll put it in!

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Didn’t know someone could create something with that kind of greatness. Absolutely stunning job mate⭐️