Infinite Flight Community, is there too many rules?

I have been using this platform for over a year and I think it is a great way to connect with the community and meet new people, however I feel that people treat it to seriously. This is supposed to be a fun platform, not a place to police people. With so many rules of when you can post something and the different levels just seems unnecessary to me. I shouldn’t have to feel too intimidated to post a topic that I think would be fun. Maybe I’m overthinking this but I just needed to get this off my chest. This is just a simulation on a tablet or phone that we do for fun, not an actual club or airline.


I understand where you’re coming from, however I think that a lot of the rules come from the need for practicality and efficiency. For example, one of the types of topics that get closed most often are duplicate topics. The IF team has to pay for space on Discourse (the platform that hosts the IFC), so these topics essentially end up costing them money. This could also be said of topics that aren’t necessarily productive or necessary. At the end of the day, I think we would rather have IF have more money to develop the game, than to pay for an absurd amount of space on Discourse! That’s just my 2 cents :D


I feel you on this.

Still, I think @snoman summed it up perfectly. I do agree a little bit with you though.


My point isn’t about the topics it’s mainly about how strict the rules seem to be on here. It makes it not that fun anymore and even though I play this game everyday and am grade 4, I can see how the amount of rules and overall intimidation of this platform could detour people who are trying to get into the community.


I kinda agree. It has become a little hyper organized. At the same time I see the need for it to be so. There’s a balance to be made, and I think everyone would say that the point of balance is in a different place…


I do somewhat agree. I think you can get some quite strict reactions…

Though many rules are needed.

Yes but in the end, it’s just a sim on our phones.

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You know, I agree with this statement. But, I like to think of it differently. After all, this is an Infinite Flight forum, not Reddit, Quora, or whatever social media platforms there are out there. This is a place for users to connect for the Infinite Flight mobile simulator. Sometimes, this thought gets lost in the midst of topics that clog the whole purpose of this forum. I wholeheartedly agree with your statements, don’t get me wrong. This is a forum for Infinite Flight, of many ages, races, and beliefs, so it’s hard to make rules that favor others more than others. We have people age 13 up to even age 80 here on the forum. It has to be a fair, positive, and respectful environment, which is where I think the rules have to be strict, so that conflicts don’t arise. I promise that there is no intention of making this forum rigid, it’s just prior conflicts in other forums have shown that the rules have to be strict to prevent conflicts like the ones you see on Reddit from time to time. It’s with the common goal to make the community a fair place for all to engage.


If I’m being completely honest it fells more negative to me. When I see someone post something and they had a tiny error, there will always be 3 or 4 people having to tell them it’s never just one person. It seems like everyone is trying to prove that they know more than everybody else and it feels toxic.


i think rules are good but you are 200% right bout the policing and intimidation, that is why i stay off here and only read and usually avoid posting.


I feel the same way

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I agree on this, there is lots of people policing on people’s topics that they made. There always a race with regular and non-regular to see who can explain it the fastest. They are essentially wasting their time. Don’t start policing over people do something else than be on IFC all day telling people everything on their topics they created. If you feel uneasy or something, just send a Dm. Not waste space on their topic, I admit I also waste space on topics. But still, it’s better to dm them and make it brief and understandable

TLDR: Stop wasting your time policing people on iF, and just have Fun talking about Planes. They will appreciate it a lot more. If you feel someone said something not right, DM them.


I agree with alot with what you have said. Theres probably some Chinese government websites that have for free speech than here. Would be nice for that to change. And there is a whole cult of people flagging posts like its a race. If yous say something a teeny tiny bit off topic you get flagged. Cant wait for a bit of change within how the website is ran

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👍🏻👍🏻 i totally agree


I feel you, and I understand 100%. Ive noticed that over the (little over) a year I’ve been here, the amount of flags and mini-modding has increased, and with the virus putting us on lockdown, these instances are becoming ever more common around here. If one person makes a time mistake, everyone jumps on them. If one person voices their opinion, someone who disagrees (sometimes) people will flag them (even if it’s in a related/similar thread). Very recently, I’ve noticed people simply linking a thread, without any explanation whatsoever, this doesn’t help. We want to prevent the IFC from becoming just another social media site, we want to keep it as a safe and friendly space for everyone, and we need to have rules to do that. But we can’t continue to be rude if someone makes a small mistake, it makes the whole IFC a worse place to be. I completely understand why you’re saying this @Slayerr, and I agree with what you’re saying, completely. We should all tone down the mini-modding, and just enjoy ourselves and talk about IF, that’s why it’s the IFC!


I totally agree. It’s just a game.

Tbh I think the reason for all the policing and everything is to get “Regular” . Those type of people usually farm go to every topic and try to post first the priorities quantity over quality. I hate to break it to them but that’s not how it works :)

I also feel like reason why mini modding because lots of regulars worry about losing Regular. Regular is just a title you shouldn’t even give something about. Sure it may give you a perk to see the regular lounge and be professional, but this a form like Reddit. People have their fun, I understand creating duplicate. But the number of regular being the next mod at IFC is stupid. Just have fun, and if you have problem, it always better to dm. Because remember making a duplicate topic costs money, but making a whole reply on telling people they are breaking also wastes money and extremely off topic. Just remember that, even if cheap, you would rather be 20 Cents richer.
Regulars, just have fun. You waste your time being trying to be the next IFC mod. Just stop, and enjoy being IFC, and having fun with other people.

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The good old rush to a post first and give a canned response

Yep, I agree with you.

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