Infinite Flight Community Interviews


All credits go to FDS for the Infinite Flight Logo!

So, I know what you’re going to say, “Theres IFN” or “We have too many interviews already” but my response is "I want to interview our fellow IFC members my way (which is just me interviewing IFC members)
So I introduce to you, a brand new Interviewing organization for the IFC, called Infinite Flight Community Interviews. We are in current need of staff (interviewers and soon discord mods and admins) and are looking for you! Our website is basic (one page) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t put effort into our interviews. Our interviewing system works out like this

  1. Person being interviewed is approved, they are PMed asked if they would like to, they say yes
  2. A thread is made for the community to ask questions to that person
  3. 10-20 questions are chosen
  4. Interview is carried out via PM
  5. Interview is approved by our staff, then posted
  6. People give feedback
    It’s as simple as that, our community asks the questions and gets the response they want, we don’t care if this is straight forward questions or just silly questions, but we just want to know more about our community members.
    Our Current Staff
    Owner: @TheBoeing787
    Interviewer: @Justin_Polanco
    Interviewer: @Ishan_S
    Interviewer: @Oli_H
    Interviewer: @SouthernDude
    Head Interviewer: @Connor_Seymour
    Interviewer: @callum5124
    Here is our website:
    Our applications for becoming a staff member are at the bottom, along with a form to submit people to be interviewed.
    I hope you take interest and hopefully join one day!
    Thanks IFC,

Great organization! I do recommend Slack as your communication resource rather than Discord as more community members prefer it. Do you guys interview mods also?


We interview any type of IFC member out there
Mods, regulars, staff, etc
I prefer discord as it is easier to work with in this type of thing, and I prefer it because I’m more experienced
@RTG113 We have got your recommendation and I will review it!


Wow! Nice organization! Hope to see those interviews come out!

I will instantly approve if I ever get the PM 👍🏻


I like this idea! This should bring us closer together as a community. I want to send in a recommendation but I need some deep thinking

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This a a great organization, and I hope that some day I get chosen for an interview. 😃


Same here. I love answering questions!

Hopefully someday, someone would like to send a request to both of you, maybe bribe someone xD

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Somebody’s tribe has just recommended them…

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That’s frowned upon in a lot of circles.

Love the idea! Can’t wait for someone to recommend me


(This could be awhile)


So how much are you talking in terms of a bribe? I got a lot of cheap chocolate on the 15th.

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I’ll take anything worth my while (candy, money, lol)

Thanks everyone for the support! I thought this would backfire and get a bunch of hate! We now are up to 3 interviewers already!

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Our first recommendation has been approved, lets see who it is…

Oh boy! Can you tell us who it is?

Our question thread is going up soon, so you’ll just have to wait, the interviewer is N1RG

I have some excellent candidates for you!

Interview @Joe @Henrik @anon88794458



I may or may not have already recommended an older fellow of the Infinite Flight moderating team…

I think that @Levet would be great as your first interviewe… :)