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That was quick.


I work fast when listening to music

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It also helps to know what your doing

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IFCI Update 10/07/18

Hey! You there, we got a surprise!

Yes! A new Website, and a secret surprise hidden within… Can you find it? ;)

Here is the change log:

  • A new Website
  • A new F___ I cant say that ;)
  • New and improved Staff list (See Website)
  • Added complete list of Interviewers on this Thread
  • Added Staff Team tab on top
  • All links have now been updated

We cant wait to make more improvements soon!



I love the new website!


New Forum!

IFCI now has it's own official forum made by @Velocity23. Due to the complexity of Installing Discourse for free, we have used a different forum engine, but we think you'll agree it looks great! Find the link on our website or at:

This post has been approved by Both Deer and Misha! <3

See you soon!


Adding on to what @Evan said, there was an issue with the forum that made you put in your age and gender upon registration. I’m guessing this is the reason why not all 7 of you who clicked on the link actually joined, so that is no longer required. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Do you have someone who you’d like to be interviewed? Send them to us on this form!

Our second interview is up!

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Update #2

With 29 people on the waiting list, and it reaching into Late Feb/Early March 2019, we are reevaluating IFCI. Submission to the submit form will be closed, however you can still PM me with submission requests We should hopefully have an update for you soon!

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Perhaps, what with the numbers of interviewers there are on the IFCI team, you could look at increasing the frequency of the interviews. There are plenty of questions posted on each thread, so I don’t see exactly how this couldn’t be done. Also would give the opportunity for less known members to be interviewed too!
Keep up the excellent work!


We are currently viewing on how our life inside IFCI is currently a mess. We already have a system in place for interview scheduling and we are working towards adding at least one more interview per month.

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That’s sad to hear, my hand is always out to you guys if you need it. I’ve always been an IFCI supporter so I hope you get back on track soon. Looking forwards to the next set of interviews!


Poll time

Yes, in order to see what you want, we have come up with 2 new ideas for IFCI, vote for the ones you’d like below. And it may just happen *Please note any new changes made will be enacted next month.

  • 2 a week, one starting Monday and ending Friday, and one starting Wednesday ending Sunday + an IFCI newsletter
  • 1 question thread a month with 5 names, and one thread a week + a IFCI news letter

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The winner of the poll will be chosen as our new choice of operations

The second option was chosen by @rileymoyer

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Just to add a quick note. The Newsletter will be coming out anyway. It’s added to both options because it can be

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Thanks to all that voted, we’ll be implementing the new system on the 1st of November!


IFCI Update 23/10/18

We have quiet a large update for you all!

First things first on the agenda is we have a new system of how we conduct our interviews. We now will do 2 a week, One from Monday to Friday, and the second one will be from Wednesday to Sunday, this week will be a test for the new system, and we will be getting feedback from you all!

The second thing on the agenda is that we have unfortunately been required to remove an Interviewer from IFCI, he has been inactive since he was hired, and we have decided to replace him, so we will be opening up our Interviewer Application again! We will leave this open until Friday, and then choose on Saturday, good luck to all! If you have already applied, but did after we closed our Interviewer application, we have cleared all applications, please reapply again. Thanks. Application Form

Third is that we are planning a big Christmas Special for you all, I’m sure you’ll be excited to see what we have in store for you, it is an Interview but with someone special!

Forth, we also have a newsletter, that’ll be posted in a post below, and will be added to the website when we next update it!

Thanks for reading our latest update, we plan on providing a monthly update on the 23th of each month!

-IFCI Head of Interviews/COO, Connor


In addition to that, our new newsletter mailing list is finished! Sign up today at to recieve the latest IFCI news, right to your inbox!

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To add onto that, we are adding Head of Internal Affairs for IFCI, more info can be provided if you PM me or CR3W. Good luck!


I just applied for an interviewer!