Infinite Flight Community Interviews 2.0 | Something New in the Air

One of 3 New Interviewers have been chosen, @Trevor_A is now an interviewer for IFCI! Welcome


We’d like to apologize for the mess that IFCI is in currently, everything will be back to normal shortly!


IFCI Update 21/06

IFCI Update

We are aware things have been going a little slow around here at IFCI. Our interviewers have been busy lately but we are back in action! Expect things will be back to normal very soon.
We have an action packed line-up for Pool 2, so stay tuned for that!
Sam_K and Joe’s interviews are coming out soon - Moderators are busy people so just be patient for the time being.
We apologise for any inconveniences caused by these delays.
Thanks for your patience.

New Question Thread

This week’s interview features @ewanfleming
Make sure to go and check it out, leave a question or two.

Interviewer Applications

Yes, they are still open! We are actively seeking new people to join our team so apply if you think you have what it takes to become an interviewer.

Keep Up to Date!

If you haven’t already, I recommend joining our discord server! It’s a great place to get support, meet new people and you will be notified as soon as an interview goes live!
You can join our discord by going onto our website and clicking on the Community tab at the top. If you are unsure, just PM a staff member and we will send you the invite link.


Check out our latest interview here! Submit Questions for IFCI Interview with @Dragos & Sudafly!

Hello IFC, I must bring to you the sad news that IFCI will be closing effective immediately, this is due to inactivity on all sides. We are sad to leave, but one day someone might bring it back to its orignal glory.

So for the final time, goodbye


What happened there closed