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Welcome to Infinite Flight Community Interviews! Here at IFCI, we strive to bring people together by providing the best interviews possible. We want to share with you our fellow member’s personality and just answer your questions about themselves! We do this entirely for fun.


People We’ve Interviewed


The method of submitting people for an interview has changed a bit. From now on, you can submit people for an interview on our website under Our Work
Just fill out the form on the left hand side of the page, and we will look over your recommendation.
Just a reminder, currently you cannot submit yourself for an interview.


We have a new updated, modern website now. Check it out below!


We do have rules set in place for many reasons. These will be strictly enforced. To check them out, head to the About page on our website


We are very stern on who we let be a Staff Member at IFCI. That’s why we have chosen only the best, who work hard. They are as follow:

Role Person
Owner @Connor
Co-Owner, Design Manager @Josh & @Justin0623
Interviewer @Cbro4
Interviewer @callum5124
Interviewer @CR3W
Interviewer @N1RG
Interviewer @Oli_H
Interviewer @Trevor_A


3 Interviewer positions are currently open and up for grabs!
Do you have what it takes to become an interviewer?
Head to the Our Work page on our website, and fill in the form on the right-hand side

Questions, Queries, Concerns?

Head to the Contact Page on our website, fill out the form, and someone from the admin team will get back to you in the next 42 hours.


I highly recommend joining great group of guys. I love the IFCI forum with all of the help they bring to their community is amazing. Someone there 24/7 to help or respond to you. Big props to @Connor for everything he does for IFC and IFCI.

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Our final interview for Pool one has just gone live, Make sure to check it out!


Somber News

Unfortunately, our forum has been closed, but we are opening a discord server shortly. So stay tuned to that!

For the loss of our forum is a loss of our hearts, while we loved it, the reason behind the closure will remain undisclosed.


Interviewer Applications have opened!

We are happy to announce that 3 new spots have opened up for new interviewers!
So, how should you apply?
Simply go to the link below, and fill in the form on the right (or below if you are on mobile)
Please Note: You have to be a minimum of TL2 to apply

@Connor What ever happened to my interview? Not enough questions? Just wondering. :)

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@Justin0623 was your interviewer
Let me check with Connor and Justin

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Hi! The problem was that our responses were tanking, we don’t know the real reason. For what happened to it, ill contact your interviewer


We have a new thread, check above to look it out Credit due to @Josh for helping us out

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We have a discord!

After the loss of our forum, we have moved over to discord.
Ranks from the discourse will be synced over
All are welcome so join today!

You can find the invite link on our website

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Technically I haven’t been completely interviewed. Nonetheless, very nice organization!

Although it was called off we like to think that you were interviewed!

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Have I got the wrong Delta_Alpha_Lima???
As far as I’m concerned you were interviewed last year in november…

(just not under the leadership of Connor

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Nope. I was interviewed partially in March of April I believe, but due to a lack of interest, it was called off.

Dear IFC

As of today, I will be taking a few days off from working IFCI due to some personal issues, any questions, concerns or comments please contact @Josh or @Justin0623.


Best wishes to you Connor! I’m sure Josh can hold down the fort while you take a few off :)


I’m sure he can too!


IFCI Update, 27/05

Our latest Question thread is up!

This week features IFC Moderator Sam_K
Make sure to go check it out, maybe leave a question or two

Interviewer Applications are still open!

Apply below if you think you have what it takes

Stay in the loop

For Live updates and statements regarding IFCI, make sure to join our discord!
The join link can be found on our website

Simply click on the Community tab on the top

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I am back from my little break, and IFCI is kicking off again!


Just a reminder that we are still accepting applications for the Interviewer Position