Infinite Flight Community Inside Cockpit

Hi guys, the other day I noticed the 757 has a magazine inside the cockpit.
I think it would be super cool if there was an IPad with the home page of the Infinite Flight Community on it in the next aircraft:

What do you think?


I think that would be great probably on one of the future FDS livery aircraft. FDS C-130?


I don’t get it is this a feature request or a thread to share cockpit shots

It’s a feature request:-)
The shots are just and example.

Feature request

Only one picture per feature request please. :)


Sorry, I will fix it.

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That would be amazing. Also, you should be able to post stuff lol.

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Or my magazine instead :(

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What’s your magazine?

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That is awesome! What did you use to make it?

Adobe InDesign CC 2017 :)

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Oh my god
What if you could actually surf the community while FLYING
Makes 4 hour flights in global less boring


If you have a Samsung, you actually can!
Its a thing called split view, where you can have 2 apps open a once. I actually do that sometimes:-)

iOS offers this, but IF doesn’t support it. It would be great if they did.