Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2


My KLGA Flyout has not been added yet…


We have a promblem with the format right now so unfortunately this months events will not be up until I figure out how to fix it


Here is my event on 1st December.


Understood, thanks for letting me know.


Just added a whole bunch of events :). What was the issue with the formatting @Trevor_A? I just added about 15 with no issue.

BTW: I didn’t have time to add them all, please leave your event below if I didn’t get to you.


Ha did not see my event till just now XD


Can you add mine?


Got yours down. In future you can add it yourself as your TL3 ;)


Thanks for adding mine!


Just added mine!


Is there some list for January 2019?


Yes their will be a list for January…I have started on it and it should be done soon


Plesne, can you add my upcoming event? Thanks.


What happened? There are zero events in every drop down list.


Bc we are transitioning to the January Events rn


How long will it take?


Shouldnt be much longer


My new event!

Already more attendees than my other one had…


My new event!


My Little flightout today