Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2


We have a promblem with the format right now so unfortunately this months events will not be up until I figure out how to fix it


Here is my event on 1st December.


Understood, thanks for letting me know.


Just added a whole bunch of events :). What was the issue with the formatting @Trevor_A? I just added about 15 with no issue.

BTW: I didn’t have time to add them all, please leave your event below if I didn’t get to you.


Ha did not see my event till just now XD


Can you add mine?


Got yours down. In future you can add it yourself as your TL3 ;)


Thanks for adding mine!

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Just added mine!

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Is there some list for January 2019?


Yes their will be a list for January…I have started on it and it should be done soon

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Plesne, can you add my upcoming event? Thanks.

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What happened? There are zero events in every drop down list.


Bc we are transitioning to the January Events rn


How long will it take?

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Shouldnt be much longer


My new event!

Already more attendees than my other one had…

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My new event!


My Little flightout today

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