Infinite Flight Community disappearing / flickering || SOLVED!

Anyone else having a problem with the forums flickering and then going empty?

I’m on Mobile. iPad Mini 2
Using Google.

Yes I have refreshed my device & browser and it still seems to have the problem.

Try simply hitting the infinite flight logo on the top left :)


I use safari on my iPad

Yes I tried that, give me the same results.


I meant I use Safari to go to Google and log onto IFC.

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Try force stop the app or disconnect from Wi-Fi

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Thanks for the help. @SingaporeAirlines @Kevin

It seemed to work after I hit the infinite logo 10000000000 times and forced stop Safari.


Private browser huh? ;)


You might want to exit the private browser. The forum may require cookies to be enabled. Also, make sure cookies are set to “allow from websites I visit” in settings

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