Infinite Flight Community Awards 2019 | The Results!

Welcome to IFCA 2019

Hello IFC, and welcome to the 2019 Infinite Flight Community Awards, hosted by @Infinite_Flight_Sims. The community has grown tremendously over the past year and will continue to do so over the years to come. I am honored to be hosting IFCA 2019, as it may be the years biggest event. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on 2019, by far the best year for Infinite Flight so far.

What is The IFCA 2019?

The Infinite Flight Community Awards, or IFCA is a yearly “tradition” on the IFC since 2016. The IFCA is an award made by community members to nominate and congratulate other users who have contributed greatly over the past year.

The End of a Decade, The End of an Era

January 1st, 2020 marks the end of an era in Infinite Flight, and aviation in general. Back in 2011 when the first version on Infinite Flight came out, it was already loved by meany people. In 2015 when the IFC was created, it gained popularity quite quickly. Infinite Flight grew heavily in the past year decade, and is on a path to keep growing in the new year.

The Results

With over 220 total voters this year, it’s safe to say that it was a good year for IFCA. I’d like to thank everyone who voted one more time, it wouldn’t have been possible with out all of you. Now let’s get to the most ambitious part of IFCA 2019: The Results.

Part One: User Based

Best Staff Member: @MishaCamp

Best Moderator: @DeerCrusher

Best Regular: @Qantas094

Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter: @Anshul28

Best IFATC Officer: @Trio

Best Artist: @AlphaSeven

Best Video Creator: @Nate_Schneller

Best Profile Picture: @DeerCrusher

Funniest Member: Two Way Tie Between @Marc And @MishaCamp!

Most Strict Moderator: @Chris_S

Most Knowledge Member: @Maxmustang

Best Infinite Flight Pilot: @DeerCrusher

Best Event Creator: Three Way Tie Between @George_Flack, @PlaneCrazy And @Dylan_M!

Best Photographer: @Moritz

Part Two: Organization Based

Best Virtual Airline: British Airways VA Official Thread | Three Years, and Counting

Best Virtual Airline Website: Two Way Tie Between British Airways VA Official Thread | Three Years, and Counting And Delta Virtual Official Thread | Together, We Soar | Celebrating Three Years

Best Virtual Airline Staff: @Adam_Williams

Best Airport Editing Member: @Moritz

Best Virtual Organization: Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW!! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots.

Best Virtual Organization Website: Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW!! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots.

Best Virtual Organization Staff: @Nate_Schneller

Best Third Party App: LiveFlight App

Best YouTube Channel: @Etrain’s Infinite Aviation™

Best Social Media Page: @infiniteflight_17’s infiniteflight_17

Part Three - In Game Based

Best In-Game Livery: Infinite Flight 2018

Best In-Game Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Best In-Game Route: KDEN - KASE

Best In-Game Region: SoCal

Best New Feature: Live Cockpit

Best In-Game Airport: Two Way Tie Between KMSO And NZQN

Best In-Game Update (19.x): 19.4

Part Four - Forum Based

Best #general Topic: For whom are you thankful in the Community?

Best #real-world-aviation Topic: Guess The Airline and Aircraft! [Part 4]

Best #live:events Topic: [OVER 320 ATTENDED] Storm Area 51 @ KXTA - 211400ZSEP19 // Lets Find Those CGI Aliens [Infinite Flight Edition] |What Ever Happens In Area 51, Does Not Stay in Area 51! It Comes To The World| COMPLETED!

Best #live Topic: Community Members Spotted on Live Part 3

Best #real-world-aviation:spotting Topic: Spotting SXM | FEB 2019

Best #features Request: Airbus A350XWB Family

Best #screenshots-and-videos Topic: A Tribute to Ming Lee

Best #live:va Topic:Delta Virtual Official Thread | Together, We Soar | Celebrating Three Years

Funniest Topic: F i n d e g g

Most Informational Topic: The New A3XX Cockpit: Explained

Infinite Flight Community Best Post of the Year:

Infinite Flight Community Best Topic of the Year: Vote for Infinite Flight’s Next Aircraft!

2019 User of the Year:


Once again, Thank You to everyone who voted, and congrats on everyone who got nominated.If you did not win, you still play a huge role in this community and are precious to many. I am looking forward to the 2020 IFCA, knowing that it’s unlikely that I’ll be hosing it. Lastly, thank you to the entire community for making it an amazing year. Cheers to 2020!


Honored to be in here. Thank you for the effort and time you put into this!


I’m not surprised I’m not here. Congrats to those mentioned!

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Well um that’s a shock, I’m honoured to be your guys best Regular, best wishes to you all in 2020 and hope great things happen.


Right…2020, its on boys!!

2 Awards!

Well, thank you alot IFC!


Great the results! I don’t understand how @Chris_S is the strictest moderator for a few years running. He is really nice.


Thank you very much everyone! I’m actually a little bit surprised but I appreciate that. No way I’m as funny as Misha though, that’s impossible.

Thanks for organizing the 2019 edition @Infinite_Flight_Sims, it came our very nice! 👏🏼


Woooooho Congrats ats winners


Nothing beats the 🦄

Sorry Marc :)


Facts. Can’t believe what I’m seeing . Congrats to everyone!

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Being on the forums and being in real life are 2 very different things.

Acting like a moderator gives you responsibilities, and a lot of the time, being formal and helping people, along with dealing what must be done.

On the other hand, being informal to someone you’re comfortable with, is a very different change, and have seen on a few streams Chris being a great funny person. Most people on the forums knows what the staff are like when being formal. Not many know them playing around… well except Misha…

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I was joking when I said I was going for this! Thank you all for supporting me, and cheers to 2020! I didn’t know I made such an impact in the Infinite Flight Community. I’ve had ups and downs, made mistakes and had lots of fun! I learned lots and enjoy the company that you all have given me as we take on this journey. Thank you all <3

Thanks for hosting this @Infinite_Flight_Sims, and thank you to everyone that chose to vote for me :)


Congrats to those who won! There are quite a few I agree with and a few I don’t, but we follow the populist wave with the masses I guess!

I do think there should have been a category about users who consistently spread positivity around the forum. People like @MrMrMan, @Captain_JR, or our very own Marc. These are the people that make others feel welcome here, and I’m hoping in the future we feature polls for these categories.

One good thing to see is DLVA winning the best VA topic, and I’m shocked they didn’t win more. Then again, we weren’t tagged and told to vote for anything. Pilots at DLVA are consistently more professional than any other VA in the skies, including some mentioned in this thread.

I can’t wait to see the expansion of these awards next year!


It’s truly an honour to be elected as the forum’s best artist. All the hard work and effort that it put into all of the drawings pays off, and I’m Glad that so many of you appreciate my work as an artist.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that voted for me, I really do appreciate it! 😁🙌

I definitively have to agree with a lot here! Though there are some mixed feelings for some of them personally. It’s exciting to see what new awards, treats, and kindness we are able to spread on the forum this year!

Congratulations to all! Happy new year 🥳


Congratulations everyone!

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And always will be :)


Great to see DLVA mentioned as top website this year, since last years winner didn’t actually have a site 😂

Love what the staff has done with a 100% customized website for the VA that is second to none, and not just a cookie cutter page


I’m tremendously happy to see one of my home airports, and an airport that I edited, get the reward for best in-game airport! Thanks so much everyone!

KMSO rocks! (@Jack_Q)

I am also honored to be on the list for best event creator! Thanks to everyone on the Plane & Pilot team for helping me create these amazing events! Congrats to @George_Flack and @Dylan_M aswell!


Interesting results is all I’ll say… Quite similar to last year in fact 🤷


Oh… MY GOD!!!
KMSO That’s my home airport! Hardly anyone at all cares about Montana except for me, @PlaneCrazy and a few other individuals who have actually ventured out a bit and tried a new state. This is so incredibly true. And another high-five to @PlaneCrazy because he alone made that airport in IF along with most of the other airports in Montana. Everyone y’all should just try spawning in, you will be pleasantly surprised.