Infinite Flight Community Awards 2019 | Public Voting (CLOSED)

Welcome to IFCA 2019

Hello IFC, and welcome to the 2019 Infinite Flight Community Awards, hosted by @Infinite_Flight_Sims. The community has grown tremendously over the past year and will continue to do so over the years to come. I am honored to be hosting IFCA 2019, as it may be the years biggest event. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on 2019, by far the best year for Infinite Flight so far.

What is The IFCA 2019?

The Infinite Flight Community Awards, or IFCA is a yearly “tradition” on the IFC since 2016. The IFCA is an award made by community members to nominate and congratulate other users who have contributed greatly over the past year.

The Schedule

Me and @Marc worked closely on making the schedule great for everyone. This schedule gives the community a fine amount of time to vote, while still providing time for @Infinite_Flight_Sims to make the threads.

Public Voting

  • December 10th, 2019 - Public Voting Opens (Part One AND Two)
  • December 12th, 2019 - Public Voting Opens (Part Three AND Four)

Votes Closed

  • December 25th, 2019 - All Voting Closes
  • December 26th - 31st - All Votes Are Counted
  • January 1st - Winners Are Posted

The Awards

With 45 awards, there is a possibility that you’ll be nominated!

Part One - User Based

Best Staff Member
Best Moderator
Best Regular
Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter
Best IFATC Officer
Best Artist
Best Video Creator
Best Profile Picture
Funniest Member
Most Strict Moderator
Most Knowledge Member
Best Infinite Flight Pilot
Best Event Creator
Best Photographer
2019 User of the Year

Part Two - Organization Based

Best Virtual Airline
Best Virtual Airline Website
Best Virtual Airline Staff
Best Airport Editing Member
Best Organization
Best Virtual Organization Website
Best Virtual Organization Staff
Best Third Party App
Best YouTube Channel
Best Social Media Page

Part Three - In-Game Based

Best In-Game Livery
Best In-Game Aircraft
Best In-Game Route
Best In-Game Region
Best New Feature
Best In-Game Airport
Best In-Game Update

Part Four - Forum Based

Best #general Topic
Best #real-world-aviation Topic
Best #live:events
Best #live Topic
Best #real-world-aviation:spotting Topic
Best #features Request
Best #screenshots-and-videos Topic
Best #live:va Topic
Funniest Topic
Most Informational Topic
Infinite Flight Community Best Post of the Year
Infinite Flight Community Best Topic of the Year


To make everything more organized, we splitted the voting up into 4 categories.

This is the real deal, so we expect everyone to act mature when filling this forum out. With that said, we encourage everyone to vote and make IFCA 2019 bigger then ever before! Thank You.


IF you are TL3+ please do not vote, you already had your voting time.


Quick question, are VOs allowed to promote themselves in regards to gaining nominations or is it to be kept strictly impartial?

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If you are a staff member or CEO of a VO, you can’t promote. If you are just a pilot, you can.

Perfect, thanks for the swift reply!

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Can you vote for yourself on like 1 or 2?

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You cannot vote for your self at all.


Just voted! Super excited to see this year’s winners!


Me too. Good luck to everyone with the hopes of getting an award, but let me just say, all of y’all are great community members!


Good luck to you too and everyone else! May or may not have voted for you!


@Infinite_Flight_Sims nice post!

Quick question: If you forgot to vote in our own TL3 topic, can you vote in this one?

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As I said above, no.


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Ok, no problem!

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Glad to see the process moving forward!

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Going to be exciting to see the results, good luck to everyone!

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I’m going for best youtube channel!

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aw man, no Best IFC Memer. Would have won that in a heartbeat :((


Ooh, this ought to be interesting ;)


And I oop!

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Best Staff member 🤔🤔🤔 it’s hard to decide 😅

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