Infinite flight community app

One thing I most certainly don’t like is having to switch between Safari and Infinite Flight for a group flight. All we need is an Infinite Flight community App.

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First of all, please only use #support for technical issues with the app.
Regarding your question;

There is an app already:


I think he means built into the actual simulator

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Exactly. Like a side window like the maps in the cockpit.

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Like this by any chance?


You must Love your iPad.

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How did you do that?

He has an iPad. Which has a side window feature

Swipe up carefully from the bottom and drag safari to the side of the screen.


What does it mean once I have reached my maximum likes?

You can’t like for the X amount of time stated on the notice. It means you have reached the set X value of daily likes.

Switching between apps during your flight risks you becoming disconnected, and your flight will lose progress. If you have one other device (laptop, phone, computer, tablet) in your home you can use it to communicate with others. I always use my phone to communicate with others through Slack, Discord or the Community Forum.

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Sorry but i have to say that: I hate kind of these titles! We need this… What? We need what? Please give more detail while opening titles. I don’t want to enquire all the titles? Oh what is that? What is inside of it?

We need this… (We need in-flight community app)
I see something… (I see dead people)
What is that… (What is this pink bug)
Look at this… (I cannot fly the aircraft please help)

Please more explaining titles… Please…

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