Infinite Flight Community App

Would be great if you guys made an app for the community! :)

Just want it to be exactly like this :)

May be useless but it would be cool

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You can download the discourse app and add the IFC to it. Just search it on the App Store/Play Storr, download it, and launch it. Press the plus button at the top and type Then, log in and you will be good to go @QuarterBach!


This should be in #meta. A community app wont work sinces it’s run through discourse.

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on my tablet I opened the chrome website, clicked the three dots in the top right and then cicked “add to desktop”

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Discourse already made an app, which is available for iOS and Android. :)

Not sure if this belongs in #meta or #general or anything else. I moved it cause #features is only for suggestions for in-app features

Could you please explain more what you mean by “make an app for community”?

It does belong in meta since it’s a feature for the community itself.

You can put it in your homepage and than you will be able to open it and see it like an app

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He just meant that he wanted this website as an app


Here is the answer then:

Mentioned already 3 times. Let us know if you have any further questions :)


There’s already an app as mentioned by our helpful community members. 😉