Infinite Flight Community Android app

You can download the beta version here : http:// I made a short trailer.


I see no problems in publishing this as long as the app icon doesn’t include the Infinite Flight logo (as to not cause confusion).

I’ve also modified your title to make it clear it is an app for the community, nothing to do with the Android version of the sim :)


Thank you very much it’s my first apk and I don’t know how it works with the Copyrights

What’s the purpose of the app? Is it for the forum?

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It’s for a faster and smoother acces to the Community but it still is an Beta Beta Beta version

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Good idea, currently it’s hard to write in the forum using the web version on the phone.


I use Google keyboard and just slide my thumb through the letters of the word I want. Much easier for me to type

Thanks for your feedback

Now it should be fixed

Is there an ETA for the final product release on Android?

Do you mean the playstore release? @Sturmovik

Yes (filler).

Sorry no date yet I think this App wont come to the playstore but when it come it come in c.a 2months I think

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Just downloaded.

No it will not come to the Playstore it Costs 25USD to become a Google play developers and I Havn’t a Credit Card 😂


It will not let me log in.

This is a known bug do you use the Internal Browser of your device? If yes open the Infinite flight community APP open any thread and tap : login to reply (you will be logged in forever until you log out) sorry I’ll fix this soon 😉

Cheers. Posting this from the app.

Thanks for installing

No worries!

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