Infinite Flight Commonwealth Games Planning & Judging Committee

With planning of the second Infinite Flight Commonwealth Games starting, I realized that I cannot do this all myself. So I have come up the Infinite Flight Commonwealth Games Planing & Judging Committee which is a group of planners and judges to help carry out the games.

As of now, I am only recruiting planners and as we get closer to the games, judges will be recruited.
Planning will include, devising events, and outlining them, website creating, discussing details about the games and putting then into action, and many other things.

If you are interested, please PM me!

Restrictions may apply

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I would like to join. (Will a mod accept the message quickly please this is quite annoying)

what is the commonwealth games IF

The commonwealth games are only for countries under the British monarchy like Australia, New Zealand. I am assuming the same countries that are in the commonwealth will be participating In the infinite flight version like the real thing.

Ps I can help organise but I can’t participate in judging or the games itself


Would love to take part ! I’m a British Citizen, living in South Africa ( commonweatlh country ), I wouldn’t mind setting up and organizing a South African based team for the event !

I would love to get involved again. When are you planning to hold the events?


You’ll be able to make teams after the event announcement.

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That is TBD, PM me ASAP.

Limited amount of spots, around 7.

Im up for doing photoshop work for it

We’re looking for a couple more volunteers for our planning board.
Please PM if you are interested!

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We need some more people for our planning committee. Please PM @tranquil_skyflyer ASAP for details.

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