Infinite Flight coming to Volanta?

Three days ago, Volanta posted an Instagram post to which I commented, “will you ever come to infinite flight?”. A couple hours later, they replied, “if there are enough people that want it, definitely!”. I believe Volanta supporting Infinite Flight Simulator would bring a whole new level of realism for pilots! Well, what is Volanta? " Volanta is an easy-to-use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims." Volanta gives detailed information on your route.

Aircraft: Volanta keeps track of your aircraft, anywhere in the world. Each aircraft has its own location, flight history, image, and accumulates flight hours (along with many other statistics).

Intelligent Tracking: Flight tracking is at Volanta’s core, so we’ve put a lot of thought into efficiently tracking flights, so you can focus on what’s important. We call this “get in and fly”.

Friends and profiles: One of the most rewarding aspects of flight simulation is flying with others. Volanta makes this fast and easy with our built-in friend system.

I would love to see IF be supported by Volanta, as they are one of the most accurate flight trackers.

Some of the cool features on this service is their maps. According to Volanta, "The core of any flight tracking service should, rightfully, be the map. In fact, our whole user experience is built using the map as a base. Almost all pages include a beautiful, full-screen map.

We have invested a lot of time into finding the best solution for displaying thousands of concurrent flights on our map, while still maintaining a fluid and smooth user experience. Using GPU rendering technology, we can show every airport, every waypoint, every airway, and every flight all at once, smoothly."

Another cool feature is their Intelligent tracking. According to Volanta, "The premise is simple: you shouldn’t have to complete a long process just to set up your flight tracking software.

Here’s how it works. Make sure Volanta is running (can either be before or after starting your sim). Our tracking automatically starts - no more taking off then realising that you forgot to start tracking your flight! You can then just fly from your origin to your destination."

Another cool feature is Flights. According to Volanta, "Once you’ve tracked your flight, you can view it from anywhere, at any time - we won’t make you pay just to access your past flight data.

Each airport pair is drawn on the map, along with the frequency. The more you fly a route, the more vibrant the line will be. We also show your full virtual logbook in an easy timeline.

You can see the full 3D path of your flight, as well as useful metrics such as block time, flight time and fuel burned.

You can also see exactly where you touched down on the runway, as well as the landing rate, ground speed, wind direction and wind speed."

Infinite Flight is one of the best, if not the best, Mobile flight simulators. Volanta supporting such a platform would allow them attract a larger audience!

I am hoping the post allows the Infinite Flight developers to consider partnering up with Volanta!

What are your thoughts? Please let them be known below!
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I’m on board with this. I think Volanta would be amazing with Infinite Flight.


From what I can tell most of those functions only work so well because they are based on PC flight simulators. From what we can see in Live Flight, for example, flight tracking such as in Volanta isn’t possible in IF. I honestly don’t think that’s something we’re gonna see, but I would love to.

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What advantage would having volanta bring to IF? Infinite Flight currently has online servers allowing you to play with others and also third party flight trackers that anyone can access and find their plane.

Well the post is more directed to flight tracking rather than online servers. Third party flight trackers, such as LiveFlight, don’t always have the best information regarding your flight. Also, sometimes flight information on LF can be outdated. The online servers part was just one of their features mentioned

do you know how broken liveflight is? it takes 10 mins to load in properly (even with good running internet)

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Volanta is constantly being updated while LiveFlight isn’t.


Totally agree! The pictures look much better and organised.

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