Infinite flight colorblind mode

I don’t think it is necessary for now since there is no taxi light or something that has different colour. But when that comes, us colourblind people may need it. I’m colourblind myself so it’s a great feature for the future! Here’s my vote

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I wouldn’t call autism a disease.


I understand where you are coming from. How would it work exactly?

That’s true, but when I talk about disease, I’m talking globally

Yes I agree I’m a bit red color blind :D

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Fair enough, could have worded it better tho.

(Nice topic, I haven’t got any votes tho)

Small Bump for this amazing request! This could increase the number of people who use IF because it will become more accesible!

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I think we don’t even have to ask for the addition of this, it must be a rule 😂 for simulators in general

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Please use some common sense. For example, if a supermarket does not have a wheelchair ramp, and only has stairs leading to its entrance, what good is it for all of the people that cannot enter due to their disability if this supermarket increases its range of products? After all, if you’re that obsessed with realism, you’re definitely not getting a realistic experience on mobile.

Read your messages from a different perspective before posting it. Thanks.