Infinite flight colorblind mode

Hello to all,
I know this suggestion is going to be pretty special, and from what I’ve seen, no one has really made any requests about it, so I’m going to go for it.

As you know, we are not perfect, each one of us has his own qualities and flaws, and unfortunately, many in this world are affected by non-curable diseases like Autism or even color blindness.

For some time now, many video games (like World of Warship, or Fortnite) have been creating mods for colorblind people so that they can see and play better.

I think that putting this on Infinite Flight can give a chance to those who are affected by it so that they can enjoy this game which has a very good potential, and after some research, I noticed that a lot of IF players have this visual disorder and it causes them problems for some colors.

I definetely think this is a necessity, will clear a vote for this now.


This does not make any sense


What you say doesn’t make sense, it’s as if it was forbidden to create this topic before 21.1, this topic is done, and it will wait as long as it takes for it to be taken into account (if they accept)


So supporting someone with a disability they can’t help is less important then adding buildings? I think this idea would be amazing as someone who suffers with disabilities myself I think it’s crucial we help people feel more included in IF and the IFC as a whole.

I strongly object to this as helping people with disabilities and to feel more included is way more important then a title.


Just because you may not be affected by something doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Consider other people in the community too. I think this is a great request which raises a serious concern, way more important than buildings or any sim-related features. I’m hoping this can be taken into consideration without the need to vote for it though…


Interesting concept. Could somebody direct me towards the areas of Infinite Flight that affect those with colorblindness or other disabilities? Genuine question.


This is an incredibly selfish point of view. Just because you or people you know don’t have any issues about visualization or colour in Infinite Flight doesn’t mean it’s not important to have a feature that allows to play and enjoy the game to the maximum extent. If you were colour blind, would you make this statement?

You strong emphasize the word “flight simulator”. Are you trying to imply that this will waste IF’s time and reduce the realism, while it would help hundreds, possibly thousands of people play the game like everyone else?

I strongly support this request, and I think this is a great idea. Glad to see the community thinking about each other and coming up with supportive ideas. Thank you for making this request!


This reply makes 0️⃣ since. Saying that no one should vote or even support a open topic to increase and include the colorblind feature.

As for the feature at hand. Isn’t there setttings within the device that would work within Infinite Flight aswell.


For a fact I know Apple has colour filters as I use them myself, however they can make colours look unnatural and it kinda ruins the game experience but with this idea I hope IF itself could make changes to help people enjoy the game better.


Interesting I’ll look into Apple and Android colorblind accessibility settings. :)


It’s unfortunate that many people in this world have disabilities, i really want this feature to be implemented into Infinite flight.

Helping others is way more important, it’s wonderful that we have such thoughtful people in the IFC


One thing I’m confused about is how would it change to be different from the settings from the device colorblind options.

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Depending on how it’s implemented they should be able to make certain objects such as ATC command log history more clear and will be more easier to read as the current IF is not set up to deal with the colour filters on devices.

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Sad to see we have these type of people. How can you say that.


Ah I understand! Nice your pointing this out!

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First of all, if they put the buildings first, then the colorblind people think that they are useless.

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@EvannL yes yes and yes. This is an absolutely fantastic feature request, even if certain individuals seem not to support it. Personally myself, I am not colourblind, but I do know of a few people that are that could benefit from such a feature. Especially as Infinite Flight encompasses all members as much as possible, this would be such a great addition. I’m sure there are many that suffer with this, and adding such a feature would include them so much more into the community.

In the meantime, I’m not sure about iOS, but Android has had a colourblind mode built into the accessibility settings for quite some time now, covering Tritanomaly, Deuteranomaly and Protanomaly. This may not be exactly as perfect as having a dedicated in game colour filter, and they may be slightly off/ unnatural, but it would do as a temporary solution.

Accessibility Setting


I requested some colorblind assistance a few years back as well. I too struggle with some of the aspects in IF.


How would you feel if you were color blind?