Infinite flight collapse on iPhone 13 Promax,Version IOS16.2

Since I changed my device to iPhone 13 promax version IOS16.2, the simulator always collapsed and restart around 2-4 hours after take off. I put the IF Assistant at the background the same time while using it. How can I solve this problem?😮‍💨



A friend @GABRiel_Monteiro of mine has an iPhone 12 ios 16.2 and is also experiencing this problem there, after takeoff the simulator closes for no reason. I have an iPhone XR and I already ran ios 16.2 and believe me my experience using this software was not pleasant, I currently use iOS 15.6 (Beta) a version forgotten by apple that was possible to update to an old version. Currently it allows me to fly calmly with high graphics, crowded airports, long flights and etc. I think the problem may be on ios 16!! or else Infinite Flight is not optimized for iOS 16 devices

Hi. This is an issue being experienced by a lot of iOS/iPadOS right now. You can read more on it here.

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