Infinite Flight Cogers/ Exciting Aviation Debates

Hey folks,

I’ve decided to establish an aviation debating club here, Infinite Flight Cogers. In aviation debating, you will be able to hone your speaking skills, increase your confidence in addressing other members, and learn more about some of the greatest questions and challenges in the aviation industry facing our society and the world, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

As of Saturday 2nd November, I will be posting a new question on the community, once a week, based on a controversial area of aviation. At the end of the debate, a vote will be carried out to decide who wins. The questions will be varied, from drones to aviation safety and airport expansions. Questions may even be based on Infinite Flight itself. Everyone can participate, but only those who add to the discussion can vote. Let’s make this enjoyable for everyone.

Please remember:
Disagreement doesn’t need to be disagreeable - have a drink, read the arguments, give your view, and then make up your mind.

If you have any suggestions or even questions just let me know,
Happy flying!


I can see this going down hill fast.


Unfortunately, you have a point. Things could get heated fast.

The flagging and bickering will turn into:



This seems like a great way to cause conflict really easily.

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I completely understand that things can get out of control pretty easily. But let’s wait and see what happens when the first discussion happens. If things get heated to the point where it makes the debate counter-productive, I’ll just scrap it.

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Well if everyone on this community truly was the required age limit, i could see the positives in this. But we all know that’s not the case. Sadly, good debates is always fun to read


I guess they key tip here is: breath first, before you reply.


Yh I couldn’t agree more. A private place to debate on the forum would be ideal. It will probably work better for those who are regulars. But I’ll see how things plan out on Monday.

This does sound pretty fun, as long as people don’t force themselves to get offended.
The only people that might not have fun are the moderators reviewing the crazy amount of flags 😛


This actually does sound cool!

It may cause conflict, but we’re all (99% at least) a very mature, professional community who likely won’t let things get too heated. This does sound cool 👍

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Ohhh I do love a good debate, but I’ve seen 'friendly debates end in not so friendly debates. Mods don’t typically take easy to ‘debates’ within the forum. Buuut if this does go through you will no doubt see me in there😉

And avoid the whole Boeing and Airbus thing, doesn’t end well.


This will turn into a war from a good thing. Always happens with the little Boeing vs airbus little kids who start debating it

Yeah. It’s quite unfortunate that people will bark out based on emotions, rather than trying to be impartial and civil.

What do you think on American becoming the new spirit?

MaxSez: A “Debating Thingee”, Redundancy! The Forum serves my purpose. Thanks for the time and effort @ArthurBrockman but no thanks! Kiddies and bloviators go for it…
G’day, MaxSez

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5 bucks says this turn into Boeing vs airbus lol but it’s a good idea to have a good debate topic

It most definitely won’t be on Boeing vs Airbus, that can never be decided aha.

Notice: The first debate will start this Saturday (2nd November) at 19:00pm Z/ 15:00pm EST.