Infinite Flight Cobras

A few months ago the Infinite Flight Fighters showed up here as a group. They arrived to be the best performance team in all of IF. Recently, it was shut down. Now, a few of its former members have started a new group, intent on the same level of flying skill in formation, but also focusing on the dogfighting aspect of flying as well. As you may know, dogfighting is one of the hardest, right up next to landing on a carrier, things to do in aviation. It is truly an art form. With instructors from all over the globe, a training and rank system, and a fully active discord channel, the IFC strives to set the example for all others. Recently, IFES has entered into a partnership with us, and I am truly grateful to them for doing this as it opens the operttunity to have an event every two Saturdays. It helps us grow as a group. I hope I have sparked your interest enough to check out our website here: Thanks
General Rodney IFC01


aounds like a nice VA but I’m wondering did you spell infinite wrong purposely or accidentally

How exactly does dogfighting work in IF? That’s the question…

Let’s just say it’s been 20 hours since I last slept. Senior life

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Join us and find out! :)

Hahah I feel you I make mistakes all the time

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I won’t join until I know how it will work lol.

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Basically this ^^^

Why I said join and find out is because in the discord we have a channel dedicated to learning about these things

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Maybe just a brief explanation?

I’ll pm you in five. 😃

Okay, thanks.

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