Infinite Flight Cobras Recruiting/Landing Comp @ KNKX - 272000ZNOV16

Oh awesome, I hate that aircraft also. 😂

Many people don’t like the F-22 because they don’t know how to control it. It takes time to actually become familiar with what it can do and what it can’t.

Landing is the hardest part for a lot of people because they tend to jerk the F-22 up which is a big no-no.

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I tend to land the F-22 by “side slipping” on final, and slipping over the runway to dissipate the airspeed. Works pretty good.

One big thing people don’t realize is that you need to put the flaps down at the appropriate airspeed, or at least when it seems you’re going to stall sooner or later.

Some people tend to put them full at 200 knots and don’t realize they’re overshooting the runway.

People also mistake the power the F-22 has at first, which is funny to watch them stall on takeoff going 100% throttle. I mean what can you say, pedal to the metal, right?

Ahaha yeah xD I’m excited to see you fly and maybe become a member of our squad.

Anyone open to controlling KNKX while I do patterns?

I will be in like thirty mjns. I’m planning on using discord chat to do atc. I’ll pm you the join in a few mkns

I’ll try to make this

Hahah with that name hope so

If we pass, are we allowed to get in a different jet and do patterns again?

If you pass, your accepted into our training program. And yeah. Just make sure that you follow the rules, contact ATC, and use 24R so that the competition can proceed on 24L. Fly right traffic

Sounds good, I want to practice my F-16C…

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Event is in one week. Hope to see you thete

IFES shall be here

Participants from IFES use your IFES call signs so we know not to grade you. Thank for showing up

Do we have to sigh up or do we just show up

I didn’t do any landing, but I watched a couple!

This one was nice:

This one as well:

This one may have hit the tower on the ship!:

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