Infinite Flight Cobras Recruiting/Landing Comp @ KNKX - 272000ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: *Southern California *

Airport: KNKX

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Infinite Flight Cobras(pm me to get more info/join the discord) will be hosting a recruitment event for people wanting to join or flight or dogfighting teams. Rules are simple. Pilots can only use the F-14 or F-18s. Spawn at KNKX at the arming areas and taxi over to runway 24L (NOTICE pilots who do not use correct radio procedure or who cut in line, fly to close to other planes in the pattern, or cut in front of someone on final will be auto disqualified. ) Line up one by one. We will give the go command to all jets lined up on the runway at 30 secound intervals. So one jet takes off every thirty seconds. Do not line up if you are not cleared to do so by the judges. Once you take off, fly a left hand pattern at 200 knots, and land on the carrier deck portion of the runway. Itd slanted at an angle, so do not line up with the runway it’s self. Once you touch down on the carrier deck, immediately go around, fly RIGHT traffic, and land on 24R and taxi to parking. Judges will grade on the following topics
Radio Procedure
Smoothness of Control of Aircraft
Correct Touch Down Zone and Speed
Speed restrictions in the pattern and proper pattern instructions

All topics are out of five. Minimum of 16/20 to join the team. Minimum of 10/20 to get another shot. Unlimited retakes as long as they are all over 10/20 points.

Judges will be sitting in the grass on the left side of Carrier Deck in a C17

EDIT IFVATC will be providing ATC voice coms for this event. I highly suggust you check them out. Like the IF version of pilotedge, but free!

Picture of Carrier Deck


Do i need be there when it happens?

Flight Display Coordinator and Instructor

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Yeah I’d like you to be there. Switch to discord

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No one thinks they are good enough?

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No F-16’s in this 😢

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We fly the f-16, but being a carrier landing competition we are only using carrier aircraft


The event still going on? I’m there

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Yep it’s on the 26


Awesome I’ll try to be available that day. Count me in.


Cool enough, I’ll show up if I can. I’ve gotten pretty good at carrier landings in the F-14…

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Eh, anyway you could do a comp at KNUC another time for people that don’t have the region?

I know how to land extremely well with jets, I just don’t have the region.

Everyone has SoCal…it’s free, and KNUC is in that region.

Ah, well apprently I’m not thinking well tonight. Damn you Max! ;)


Just make sure all you guys pm me on the 25th to let me know your still coming

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Are ya open to doing ATC as I practice right now?

Guess I’ve got to learn how to fly the F-14. I absolutely hate it lol

F-18 is an option too

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Um maybe in 15 mins? No garentees

Well yeah, whenever you can or if you want too.

Maybe tomarrow. In kinda busy tonight. Sorry man