Infinite Flight Cobras Main Thread

Revamping our main thread since the old one got closed due to some inactivity (this was approved by the IFVARB)
Established by a group of ex IFF pilots back in Sept '16, the Infinite Flight Cobras are a formation/training sqaudron. As you may know, dogfighting is one of the hardest, right up next to landing on a carrier, things to do in aviation. It is truly an art form. With instructors from all over the globe, a training and rank system, and a fully active discord channel, the IFC strives to set the example for all others. We are partners with IFES, IFVATC, and KLM Virtual. I hope I have sparked your interest enough to check out our website(which includes our current fleet) here at: and maybe join our discord to have further questions answered.
In the online world of IF, we are usually found at our base of KTOA in SoCal.
General Rodney IFC01


Looks good, well done!

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Looks very nice. It is turning to be as successful as the IFF was.

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We are still recruiting pilots if anyone is interested

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