Infinite Flight Cobras landing comp results

If these are any of your display names, Jared Powers, Jordan Gensler,Emil Broe congrats! You’ve been accepted into the recruitment process for the IFC. Please pm me as soon as possible. This event.
Infinite Flight Cobras Recruiting/Landing Comp @ KNKX - 272000ZNOV16

Wait what? Accepted for what? Wait, were you “JUDGE” at KNKX? What was it all about? What is IFC? What´s going on? When, How, Why?


It’s time for you to learn the truth. Infinite Flight isn’t a game, it’s a secret recruitment app for the all overpowering FDS, which actually doesn’t develop games. They delvelop super pilot soldiers of destruction.

Now you know.


The truth is revealed…and um I’d like to know exactly what that is


Hey Rodney,my name is Jared and I am one of those names mentioned

Pm me. Also for all those wondering what this is, this was the event. Infinite Flight Cobras Recruiting/Landing Comp @ KNKX - 272000ZNOV16

Doesn’t look like I’m able to PM, maybe I’m missing something but nothing for messaging is showing up on my screen

Should I set one up for you? You’re not a basic user yet, so you can’t pm.

I watched for a bit!

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Join this discord and say that your Waldo from the landing comp

What Airport & Runway is this?

That was Miramar Macs using runways 24 L and 24 R

*MCAS instead of macs

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