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About Us

Infinite Flight China Experts was founded in February 2020 by several Chinese IFATCs. The purpose of this organization is to gather the finest of Chinese IF pilots. Our founder, Leon, who’s also an IFATC Officer and Trainer, has realized the lack of professional organization for Chinese IF users. That’s the reason why he organized several professional IF players, including some IFATCs to help him to start a new IF group aiming to be the best organization in China. At IFCE, all members are equal. We run a democratic leadership style here. All members have the power to join discussions and vote. We have an administration that oversees the operation, and that’s it. Several unique events are here for all members to join freely. They’re Weekly Event Series, China Exploration, and Long Haul Overnighter. Members are professionally trained and monitored by the administration. We value quality instead of quantity.

What We Do

IFCE aims to provide the best atmosphere for the Chinese Infinite Flight players. We have established several unique features which enable us to stand out of all the Chinese IF groups.

Our Administration Team

Our administration is here to observe and make sure rules are strictly followed. Members are all professional and hand-picked by the General Manager.

Hello! Welcome to IFCE, Infinite Flight China Experts! My name is Leon. I’m the General Manager of IFCE. At Infinite Flight, I’m an IFATC Officer, Tester and Trainer, also frequently fly and control in the game. In real life, I’m a senior high school student in Shanghai, also a mixed-race of Chinese and French. I can speak many languages, including Chinese, English and French. If you have problems communicating in English, the most common language in the aviation industry, feel free to ask for my help translating. I’m here as your friend at IFCE. We’re a professional and friendly group. Join us!

-@anon99845028, General Manager, IFATC Trainer

Hey guys! I am the ATC Manager of Infinite Flight China Experts. If you have any questions on the ATC operations, flight procedures when flying or face any difficulties on our PIREP system, please feel free to contact me via PM. I have a real passion for aviation and was delighted to join the team. See you guys in the virtual sky - Happy Flying!

-@Anthony_Zhu, Deputy General Manager, IFATC Officer

Hi! I’m the training manager of IFCE. My job is to provide trainings and tests to new members. I joined IFCE a few month ago, and it’s a huge honor that I’m now contributing to this amazing organization. I looking forward to flying with you!

-@Nicolas_Hao, Training Manager, IFATC Specialist

Hi, I am Nek. I joined IF around 3 months. Now I am IFATC specialist and recruitment manager of IFCE (Infinite Flight China Experts). My job in real life is scuba diving instructor. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. I’m glad to reply to you ASAP.

-@NekSyun, Recruitment Manager, IFATC Specialist

Hello! I’m Alex, the HR Manager of IFCE and I’m glad to see you here. I’m an aviation enthusiast and I love Skydiving, Bungee and another X-sports related to flying. I’m also a father of a son and a daughter. I love my family. My dream is to get a PPL someday and enjoy real flying. I hope you feel the same like me and see you in the Sky!

-@li7ing, HR Manager

Our Events

Weekly Event Series

Each week, the event team will select a specific route that fly to the main hub of the ATC schedule. Routes will be all around the world.

China Exploration

This is a special theme for us as we’re a China based team. Each week, the event team will select a route for us to fly. The route varies from flights within China. Creativity will be encouraged.

Long Haul Overnighter

Randomly thrown-in event. Organized by the event team with unlimited selections of routes longer than 10 hours.

Our Ranks & Awards

Trainee Pilot

Primary rank when first join the team. Test needed at training center to get promoted to the next rank. Not allowed to join any events unless permission has been granted from trainers. Multiple failures may result in deactivation of account.

Registered Pilot

Granted access to all functions. No additional awards.

Bronze Award Pilot

Reached 50 hours. Allowed to add a 1.2x multiplier to every PIREP filed.

Sliver Award Pilot

Reached 100 hours. Allowed to add a 1.4x multiplier to every PIREP filed.

Gold Award Pilot

Reached 200 hours. Allowed to add a 1.6x multiplier to every PIREP filed.

Manager Award Pilot

Manually awarded by staff only. Allowed to add a 1.8x multiplier to every PIREP filed.

Presidential Award Pilot

Manually awarded by General Manager only. Allowed to add a 2x multiplier. Allowed to discuss matters with administration aka granted access to vote on VO matters.

Crew Center

We have an Airtable workspace which is used as Crew Center here at IFCE. Pilots will be registered to the system after being added to the workspace.

Infinite Flight China Experts is a virtual organization for mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight.
We have no connection with any real-world companies or organizations.


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