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Don’t waste time and look below these are my personally written checklists for Infinite flight and they may become useful to others! Please remember that these are only for IF and not compatable for any other flight sim. Also it’s not completely to the real world checklist styles. There might be more than usual.

Gate Departure Checklist:
(This checklist is before pushback and taxi, like just starting up)

  • Nav & beacon lights are switched on
  • Seatbelt & No smoking sign are switched on
  • Flight planning has been created and airport of chosen is added
  • Callsign is named according to airline
  • Requested pushback from ground

Taxi Checklist:
(This checklist is referred to before taxing and just finished your pushback)

  • Flaps set to 5-10 (1-2)
  • Altitude set to intended height
  • Requested taxi to runway

Before Takeoff Checklist:
(This checklist refers to when you’ve lined up and waiting otherwise holding short the runway “first in line”)

  • Strobe and Landing lights set on
  • HDG lined up to the centre of the runway
  • Throttle set to 20-30%
  • Requested takeoff clearence

After takeoff checklist:
(This checklist refers to after takeoff and climbing)

  • Gear up
  • Flaps set to 0
  • Landing lights off
  • Seatbelt sign off When ready
  • Departure request
  • Frequency change request

Approach Checklist:
(Now your approaching, this checklist will assist You)

  • Requested APPR into airport
  • Selected runway requested
  • Set altitude dial to 3000ft or 3000ft above your airports altitude
  • Speed set under 240

Main Descent:
(Now your on your main descent into the airport about 30-20NM away.)

  • Flaps down to 5-15% at this time
  • Speed under 220
  • Seatbelt sign turned on
  • Check Weight and Balance to meet MLW
  • Check Wind conditions at Arrival Airport in case of change of active runways and any traffic patterns

Before landing checklist:
(The checklist is referring to before landing near final)

  • Landing gear down
  • Cleared to land
  • Landing lights on
  • Flaps set to FULL
  • Speed below 180
  • HDG a set to centre of runway unless APPR system
  • “Air brakes” Armed

Parking Checklist:
(This checklist only is needed at parking in the destination.)

  • “Air brakes” set off
  • Flaps set to 0
  • Brake set on
  • Landing and strobe set to off
  • Throttle 0%
  • Seatbelt sign turned off
  • Flight plan cleared
  • Altitude, speed and VSpeed set to 0
  • HDG Set online to park angle
  • Vertical speed dial set on

Thx guys for reading this, hope it will make your flight more realistic if there’s anything you find needs touching up please say, it’s just quick checklists, nothing to fancy.


What is HDG

HDG is your heading.

Okey can you make a List for using Autopilot an best

You should be specific about the stage to perform these functions, e.g. at what pointto switch landing lights off after take over, and when to switch them on again when landing, etc.

Edit: thanks for the list.

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Great Checklist!

Only thing I would suggest is to include a 'Top of Decent" checklist,

  1. Check Weight and Balance to meet MLW
  2. Check Wind conditions at Arrival Airport in case of change of active runways and any traffic patterns
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OMG that would be so realistic if that could be added

simples, copy and paste above onto a word document and print out as a copy!!

You could just download the official infinite flight checklist based on The real thing! →


Nav lights come on after pushback

Harry made one. Search Him on the community and PM him

@Michael_Black created an app for checklists! You guys should check it out!

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What is it called?

Where I fly the nav light goes on:

  • At night
  • Visibility less then 5000 meters during daylight . This is from the moment you arrive onboard the airplane.
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Ok I’m just saying from experience I haven’t seen the nav lights on when boarding & also on Harry’s checklist it says that they should be off but you are the pilot here.

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Might be different airline policy, It shows in our “preliminary cockpit preparation” :)

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My experience (as a passenger) is the same as @Aernout has described, nav lights are pretty much always on unless the aircraft is completely cold and dark. Anti-collision lights (beacon) usually go on once the aircraft is under its own power - i.e. when starting the APU.

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Beacon goes when cleared to start engines and/or pushback until engines are shutdown at the gate and all doors disarmed.


Max Sez; Another great great Topic that augments the “Official IF Check List”.
The individual answers from the ATP’s fleshed it all out, I Bookmarked it!

David the posts been edited check out the new checklist of “Main Decsent”

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