Infinite Flight Checklists : (Re-shared for extra realism)

Why Use the checklist provided below: This checklist will help many of you starter players and expirenced players for extra realism! This checklist is old, but it is very accurate and includes details in which you never knew you would have to do in an actual checklist! This checklist also PROVIDES MORE THEN LANDING AND TAKE OFF STANDARD CHECKLISTS

Although there is a checklist app for infinite flight: This checklist that I came across from a long time ago, is still very accurate and is created from scratch!

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Infinite Flight | Checklists |:

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So we can’t just you know search this up with the search feature?

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You could, but most people if you think about dont really use the search feature to find old threads so Im just trying to take information that could potentially be valuable to some people on the thread and re- share it

Also by the way , to everyone to whom may it concern, this is the most accurate checklist thread that is out there out of all of them

I disagree due to its age. It is also hard to access unlike a downloadable one

That checklis is a bit off inaccurate.

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so what’s ur professional checklist then?..

  1. Turn on Nav lights
  2. Decide destination
  3. See METAR, TAF, Runway winds for departure and arrival airports
  4. Plan the route and feed in the map, set altitude autopilot
  5. Request push back
  6. Check for safety
  7. Push and hold
    Expedite everything after this step as you don’t want to hinder the movement of other traffic
  8. Turn on Beacon
  9. Engines start one by one
  10. Check flight controls (just for realism) and set desired flaps
  11. Ask for taxi clearance as soon as the engines stabilise
  12. Check for safety
  13. Release brakes and Taxi not beyond 28kt
  14. Be patient to give way
  15. Hold short when there is aircraft crossing or merging with your taxiway
  16. Hold short Runway to cross / takeoff
  17. Ask for clearance. Ask to stay in pattern if you wanna stay, or ask for outbound departures. It’s best to ask depart straight out (unless there’s terrain ahead) and follow your FPL after exiting the Class B airspace, as you won’t cross other departure routes. Request traffic advisories if necessary in Unicom.
  18. Turn on Strobes
  19. Enter / Cross Runway (turn off strobes after crossing)
  20. If cleared for takeoff, turn on landing lights.
  21. Roll and takeoff. Maintain climb speed V2. Set desired autopilot settings.
  22. After takeoff, ask for approval from ATC if you’re about to cross other departure routes. If aborting, exit Runway ASAP and cross the hold short line, turn off landing lights and strobes and contact Ground freq
  23. Ask for frequency change to Departure just before exiting Class B airspace. Tune out if no departure.
  24. Ask for flight following in VFR or request for vectors in IFR.
  25. Use NAV if told by departure to follow flight plan.
  26. Turn off landing lights above FL100.
  27. Set desired mach speed
  28. Climb, level off, descend
  29. Contact Approach if available and follow instructions. If no approach, call tower for inbound when at most 20nm out. Ask for transition when applicable.
  30. Turn on landing lights below FL100.
  31. Desired speed and flaps
  32. Localised intercept at approx 2500ft MSL
  33. Get clearance, spoilers armed and Extend gear. Request / send traffic advisories when necessary in Unicom. You don’t have to say anything after cleared for option. If you’re still downwind, and cleared, don’t call Base and final unless you’re changing the option to land or vice versa.
  34. Execute missed approach when necessary and follow the pattern. It’s best not to plummet into the ground or overshoot. Go around when told to or it feels to. Aim for best flight rather than ending it soon.
  35. Set final touch down speed and flaps and land. Full reverse and taxi at 40kt in the Runway when the exit if far. Expedite, hold short beyond the line after exiting your tail completely.
  36. Strobes, landing lights off. Cross when already had instructed by tower if there’s any Runway ahead. Hold otherwise. Taxi after cleared by ground, after crossing all runways.
  37. To be realistic, don’t use thrust at the gate. Slow down by using intermittent application of brakes.
  38. Set brakes, Turn off engines
  39. Turn off Beacon
  40. Cool, you can now walk away alive.

May seem not like a clear checklist, but that is all. Have a good flight.


I didnt said the whole list is inaccurate, but some is. Putting “Set throttle to 20-30%”, and then “Ask clearance for take off”, You know its not accurate.

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