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Does anyone know where I can get charts for free? I only know those who are very expensive.

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Typically if you Google the airport ICAO along with charts you can find it. For example, “EGLL Charts”

Otherwise I believe has some


If you’re flying in Australia, check out this for detailed charts :)

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Here’s a good website.

Change the ICAO to the airport code and you’re good to go. Not every chart is in here however.


You can also Google the ICAO with ‘AIP’ (Aeronautical Information Publication). Each country will have its own version.

Example: ‘LESA AIP’

Some other popular websites include:

Airnav (as previously mentioned)


Hope this helps!


You can find most charts of most airports in the USA, at

I usually use just google “vau charts + airport code”.
Exemple below:

For the USA, and are the best. Other than that-overseas just google the airport code.

There is a bit named “AvBot” in discord. By using a command followed by the Airport’s ICAO, xyou get the charts. Very helpful if you are no discord.

yeah just change the airport code in the PDF name for the charts you want
worked perfectly for me until I got Navigraph Charts ($85/year)

most of the time, googling “ICAO name + charts” will do the trick. look for the pdf results :)
for ex. if I want Los Angeles charts, I’ll google “KLAX charts”

works 99% of the time for most major airports

@Jan_W. MaxSez:

  1. Lots of Chart sources identified here. Here’s my Preferences in order;

Everything you need to know about Flight Information Publications (FLIP). (select Charts from menu)

US only; Best/I use (Complete Field Data to include Standardized Arrival, Departures Plate Link)


Quick fix: GOOGLE: ie, ICAO RNav Approach Rway #

Guten tog , Max

(Note: STARs/SIDs Product Caution; On IF Expect Vectors at Serviced Terminal Destinations.)


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