Infinite Flight charging me 2 times for 1 purchase: Help please.

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem. I purchased a $9.99 monthly Infnite flight Monthly subscription and it charged me 2 times for 1 purchase. Does anyone now how to solve the problem. Thanks. (Ps it’s not a huge deal, just wondering so it doesn’t happen again.)

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These cases can be taken out with your respective app store provider.

FDS can add the time on to your subscription, but you will need to contact the play store or the App Store for a refund.

Thanks. I will. I cancelled my subscription so if I cancelled it it won’t auto-renew right?

That is correct it won’t auto renew if you cancel the sub.

Well I cancelled it and all it says is “select an option to re-subscribe” so I should be good. Thanks.