Infinite Flight Cellular Data Usage

Hi there.
I study at a boarding school, and I am there during the week. A problem that comes with this is I have no Wi-Fi, only cellular data. If I were to play Infinite Flight on my cellular data, how much data would it use?
(Example, 100MB per Hour.)
Another question, is, If I have flown a route before, and the scenery is in my scenery cache, Will there be a smaller data usage?
(Forgive me if there is already a thread for this.)

I can’t answer how much data IF uses on global, but as far as the second question you had:

Because it’s global, the weather and scenery is constantly changing. So no, even if you had previously flown a route it would not use less data. I hope this helps.

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Alright, thanks. Still need to know about the usage though. 😂

Yeah, hopefully someone knows the figures

Well, if flying on a Live Server, more aircrafts will automatically start to download when inside any busy airspace. This may take up to 2Gbs.

Actually, the scenery will remain for a certain period of time until it will re-download again. I’m not too sure about this one.

This isn’t really possible to nail down since everything streams. If you were to spawn at a very busy international airport with lots of liveries and different types of aircraft, then flew for a long time over thousands of miles, you’ll use quite a bit of data.

If, on the other hand, you were to spawn alone at an airport and fly a few patterns on WiFi, then do the same flight later (still by yourself) in the same aircraft at the same airport (assuming nobody else shows up), you’ll use almost none, since that data is all stored in your local device cache.


80% of my flights are on data. I fly most days and use around 5.5 GB a month. Hope this helps

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