Infinite Flight Career Mode

Okay okay, I know that looking at that title, it makes this simulator feel like a game. This is not what I’m implementing at all. I want a way for users to finally enjoy some great time on solo mode! You know when you’re looking at aircraft to buy, and you see the description under the picture? It has this unused thing called “Exp Requirement”. There was always no use to it, and now it can finally be put to use. I’m suggesting an IF Career Mode (In solo mode only). How is this gonna work? First off, your experience level will be reset (On solo mode only. Your Live exp will still be there). Then, you simply work your way up from the Cessna 208 or 172 up to larger aircraft that require more experience to unlock. You gain more experience by doing regular things you would usually do in Live, such as touch and goes, or simply flying from airport to airport.

Now, Career Mode should have a separate button from just regular Solo Mode. Why? Because in Career Mode, all aircraft should be free. Red flag? No. I think they should be free, but they should require lots of XP to unlock. Now once again, what you do in Career Mode shouldn’t affect what you have in Live or Solo Mode. So if you unlocked the 777-300ER in Career Mode by gaining lots of XP, you won’t have that aircraft in Solo or Live unless you actually bought it. Also, I think that aircraft you have officially purchased should not be accessible in Career Mode. ALL aircraft should be unlocked only by experience.

I think this would be a great idea for people who sometimes like peace and quiet, or want something else to do when flying solo!

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I don’t like it. I love it


That one part doesn’t sound enough convincing to me . It should be maybe a feature included when you purchase live or live +.


IMO anything that makes the sim like a game shouldn’t be added.


You cut out the rest. @Riley_Dunshea

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@FlyFi Sorry, but, correct me if I’m wrong, this is a duplicate:

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Closed that one.

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This sounds too similar:


This could help virtual airlines and it could be optionally implemented somehow into Live? And this is optional in Solo, right? solo will be popular once again! :-)


The thing is, your requesting a server, he is requesting a separate mode, which, I believe, is solo.


i would love this i sometimes wish i can be a flight attendant

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A career setup by flying and gaining XP to a rank, etc? That sounds neat. Making all aircraft free? I don’t agree.
Personally, I would enjoy picking an aircraft which I really like, and spend time building experience by perfecting flying that specific aircraft. Essentially, I want to specialize and get XP for my one or perhaps two aircraft, not fly a plane just to get access to another one.

Love this idea! Should be something like the game sets you routes you have to fly with a certain aircraft and livery. Like real airlines do with their pilots. But I don’t like the idea of having to earn xp to get any aircraft. You shouldn’t be able to earn any plane, but out of ones you already own. Otherwise what’s the point in purchasing them in live or solo. Plus the devs need the money! Otherwise a great idea!