Infinite flight can't recognize extreme 3d pro

I have connected logetech extreme 3d pro with an otg cable. I checked the connection with the otg check app and it can show the device correctly, but infinite flight can’t detect the joystick,otginfiniteflight please help.

Hi there, this support thread is for Infinite Flight. Please see the links below.


The tutorial provided above is an excellent resource for joystick use. Cheers

Edit: see OTG and Android notes.

But I am using an otg cable instead of the liveflight app, sir.

Hi Eric, did you happen to click on the link that I provided above and follow the instructions?

Take a look at this quick reference flow chart as well:


Also, look at what she says at the bottom of the Joystick Support Topic-

“When it first detects a device, Infinite Flight will try to bind the axes as best as it can. That is not something that will work for all devices as manufacturers take some liberty in naming their axes and buttons, so there is no guarantee that the default setup will work.”

I trust it is not that problem bro, I can connect a xbox 360 controller with otg cable and use it in infinite flight correctly without any setup, but it even couldn’t detect my extreme 3D pro. It even couldn’t detect my joystick, then how can it bind the axes?

See below for binding:

Do you know what is the meaning of detect?

Have you done this Step?

Did you see the picture in my #1? It shows my devices, Chris.

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