Infinite Flight can't connect to the Server (error code 7)

Guys, My device when using home’s WiFi now is always having problem when loading into IF. Always "can’t connect to the server (error code 7). But with the same WiFi I have no problem watching YouTube, playing PUBG or others online game. When I try open IF on My iPhone 13 pro with the same WiFi it’s works. Probably the problem is in my device, but why it happened only to IF.

*Device : PocoPhone X3 GT
**MIUI Global 13.0.5 Stable

Just restart your device or clear cache of IF!

Try all the steps listed here:

This should resolve it.

Clearing the scenery cache won’t do much, since it is, like the name suggests, for scenery.

Tried it but it won’t work.

See the topic that @Variable linked above - that should solve your issue.

When using cellular it’s works fine. It’s happened sometimes but annoying.

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