Infinite Flight Cabin Crew Confession

Hi all,

I don’t know if my fellow Cabin Crew / Flight Attendants do this however during boarding on infinite flight do you walk around the cabin on interior free cam mode and do cabin secure checks? Once in flight I have even started doing a mid flight cabin service… oh dear! In terms of the E175 cabin it is super realistic!


I’m not cabin crew in real life, but yeah I was testing out the ERJ today and I was doing that. It was really cool especially with the new cabin it’s super realistic haha

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When I fly I assign myself four different roles using the different camera features:

  1. Pilot (ether in the position of the Captain or F/O)
  2. Flight Attendant
  3. Ramp Agent
  4. Passenger

So my personal answer is, yes. I do act as a flight attendant in Infinite Flight

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I don’t on the E-Jet but on the CRJ’s I sometimes get up from my window drone and use the bathroom

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