Infinite flight bug

Hello so i have founded a Bug that almost made me get reported last night by ATC so while i was flying in my KSFO and departed and then i changed frequencies and contacted Approach and when i did that i could not hear approach controller telling me thing. like i can hear the aircraft but no ATC i made sure i had the ATC sound all the way up and it was but still not working. which was strange because it is hard to see what ATC is saying when there are other aircrafts (i was flying into LAX) is there anyway we can fix this ASAP before someone gets reported that should not of.

Did you download IOS 17? If so, that is why, there has been multiple topics made and IF can’t do anything so we have to wait for apple to fix it

For starters, please mention your device and OS version.

Iphone 14 IOS17

Its not with IOS 17 too, It also happened before it. I tend to see it when theres alot of comms coming in.

yes and i was scared to get reported

you know what i mean?

I don’t know the solution to the problem but to avoid getting reported by ATC, make sure you’re reading the text above that will highlight in orange when ATC is talking to you at the top of your screen.

Then you can reply as you usually would.

Yes. You just need to pay attention but hope they fix it.

Hopefully because sometimes I am gone and I depend on the sounds to know if ATC is contacting me.

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