Infinite Flight Bucket List!


I’m working on putting together a bit of a bucket list for Infinite Flight. This doesn’t just mean certain flights, this could be anything. Certain approaches, airports, aircraft, challenges, flights etc. Leave your ideas below, and I might add them to the list!

Here’s the Infinite Flight bucket list!


  • Perth to London Qantas 787-9
  • Westray to Papa Westray


  • Fighter Jet Airshow
  • Fly around your local area
  • Fly as close to the ground as you can


  • Kai Tak Approach
  • Land a large plane at a small airport
  • Get onto a real flight and try to mimic the flight in IF


  • Take part in a landing competition
  • St Maarten in a Klm 747
  • Island hopping

Leave your ideas below!


Infinite Flight

  • Help KSJC grow in popularity

My only goal for Infinite Flight! XD


Haha! We all have the goal for our local airport to get bigger 😂 Not necessarily what I’m looking for but thanks for replying!

Mine is EDVK, but it never will work😭
IRL there’s also nearly no traffic so it is kinda same in Infinite Flight 😂😂


May I reccomend an A380 at YTYA? Give some real love to my home airport!

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Don’t we all have that goal with our home airports? 😂

Hope LGAV gets some good traffic today 🤞🏼


What i would like to do is some real-life kind of thing. I didnt explain very well but here is an example:

Base flight BNE-LAX

Fly from regional airports To BNE to get passengers to BNE for the LAX flight and then when i am in LAX do flights to SFO, ORD, DFW e.t.c for connecting passengers

idk it sounded better in my head!


Do like an aircraft for a day or something, so for example

Be an Air France A320 based in CDG for the day, i would then pick a random Air France A320 on FR24 and copy what that aircraft did the day before


Didn’t explain the ideas very well but hope you enjoyed them!


Do a stopover flight.

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My bucket list:

To see Turkish Airlines B737-800, A320-200, A319-100, A330-300

To see other sub and rival airlines…

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I have been dying to do an Airshow with a VA.

Fly More Often to SEOUL 😍

Next Stop Tokyo (Haneda)… wait wut? 😂

Basically my bucket list consists of doing more unique flights to Seoul, since here are many that I’ve found but never really had the time fly them :)

So I hope to visit Seoul again in IF soon, and many time in future ;)

The Haneda Reference was because I fly to Tokyo way to often :P

Ps. I’ll get down a longer more well thought list later, but flying to Seoul is on the top of my bucket list right now, although I keep picking from number two all the time, disregarding Seouls existence :(

Cant blame you on that one!

Next time instead of landing on KSFO I will land on KSJC


Pretty fun to do those type of flights! Just gotta find another destination that flies the same aircraft and airline which can be tough at smaller airports.


  • Land the 747-8 on the short runway of KBFI


  • Make a low pass at Alpha Max Speed (slowest speed an airplane can fly, almost stalling)

Love those kind of flights and I’m already doing them like that nearly every day in FSX and IF!

Might check that airport out! Perhaps a fly-out event might be great!

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It’s a little airport over Frankfurt. There is Landing mostly A320 from SundAir. Here a picture:

And a picture of the airport:

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I want you to really to enjoy flying around Asiago, Italy, there are beautiful mountains surrounding the area (Asiago is a pretty small town)

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Follow charts from your departing airport to arriving airport